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A soldier Soldiers? Bad name. Everyone refuse that The media doesn't care now that with the Woodward book coming out, Oh, my God. Look at this. This is terrible. And of course, Trump said the same stuff about covert 19 in real time. The same things that Nancy Pelosi said, and Dr Anthony felt, she said, and, ah, mayor de Blasio said, and other Democrats said the same stuff, but nonetheless, facts don't matter. Something else occurred, and that is unbeknownst to many of us. Was a radical philosophy. Which is in federal employment in many universities that deal with critical race theory. And I'm thinking, Okay. What is critical Race theory essentially says that if you're white That your skin color determines your characteristics in your behaviour duly due solely to the to your race. So if you're white, you act a certain way. And if you're black, you're a victim and you act a certain way. By my definition that is the classic definition of racism. Claiming that people have characteristics or behaviors due solely to their race is by itself Racism. So one person who is written on this and I've seen him in many of the cable shows his Vince Ellison of Project 21 invents Ellison. Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham Show invents. How are you? Oh, I'm doing great. Bill. Are you having good to have you here now For those who may not know what we're talking about? We see this permeating throughout the colleges, universities where if you're male, you're guilty. And if you're female, you're obviously a victim and you can't tell a lie about what happened to you, but in the area of critical race theory Explain to Tony Bender and many others what is critical race theory as practice and training in the federal government. Across a race series just concept that says that racism and white supremacy is so innate in America that even with white people is conscious. We got to give you guys classes to recognize your racism so you can pull back. You know, I want to catch up with you, Bill. You're pressing me right now. Right now I am a my triggering you somehow I might triggering you. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. You just repressing the hell out of you right now, And I don't like it. Okay? And you've got to get there now, and I don't know if you know how to cut it out or not. So I've got to get this You said in the class so you can recognize when your microaggressions and your whiteness Triggering me. I say that I have to give your class, okay? So that you can understand when your whiteness And your privilege is troubling me and cause me to be inferior. So if I'm working in the Department of Education and apartment defense, the federal government spends tens of millions of dollars a year. To take its so called white employees put him in a classroom setting for hours. And you have to do that to keep your job this been going on for years accelerated under Obama, and so if I'm sitting in a class, and I'm a white guy, even though I got 5% African ancestry, I'm still a white guy. I look white. I act white, I think white, according to the critical race theorist That I have to be sitting sitting in the class, even though if I treat you well, even though the great American Bill Cunningham and practice law and a black law firm even though most of my client's criminal, even black, even though I think I'm his race neutral as I can be, I still have insipid. Quiet qualities that I don't I'm so stupid and so racist. I don't even know I got these things. I'm so ignorant. I don't even know it. And so I sit there and what am I being told by these race terrorists and getting there getting paid millions of dollars to tell me what They're getting paid millions of dollars to tell you that you are still a racist and that is your responsibility. To make me as a black man or a woman. 21 £50 black man. Bet you dollars debate. Let It is your job. Make him feel secure in his blackness. It is not his job to feel secure in his own. Blackman see, LeBron walked around telling everybody that he's gay in America. Okay, He's scared. LeBron James. He's scared. Yeah, with a £250. He's got got got hundreds of millions of dollars in in the bank, but he stare now listen. They? The National Review put out a study that said that there was you have a better chance of black men and a better chance against struck by lightning. They're getting shot about police officers. Nevertheless, The left has used this Conard to the fled away. From the that they have created a dystopia in Black America and that they are responsible for destroying the family, the economy, our religion. How will our political structure you? Name it? They've destroyed it. And when people turn around and say, OK, God, we've been doing what you've been telling us to do for the past 50 years. What's wrong is those dirty white conservatives. That's what they told me, Bill. I was going on a cotton plantation and Haywood County, Tennessee, in my father with chef proper and he, but he brought us out of poverty about working in the insurance industry. He made his money there, and I was raised in a upper middle class household that had worked in president system and so how the Children the welfare state will go into jail. When I asked the black intelligentsia what was going on? They told me that it was rich white conservative hated black people. But I found out that start a nonprofit. But it was this group called the Iron Triangle. Most black creature, most black civic organizer and most like politicians, and they were higher. About rich white liberals to do one thing. Make sure they vote for them every two years. They kept him they kept under control. This group of black traitors most black preaches. Like politicians, most black, typical Logan about like black glass, mud and antifa, and they are paid by the rich white little doing to the black community and tell them to laugh. About conservative now written with the understanding that you have nothing more to apologize for. I don't I don't have to apologize anymore. For South Africa over Jim Grover lynchings and slavery bill cutting him other white people were not responsible. No, you're not. You're not gonna know everything that's wrong in the black community can be fixed in the black community..

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