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Time one thirty president trump says he has not directed American companies to produce items that might be helpful in combating the corona virus outbreak we have the excuse in case we need it but we have so many things being made right now by so many they've just stepped up in fact Mike pence and I would discussing it before we've never seen anything like it where they are volunteering we want to make masks the president is activated the defense production act but said in a briefing today he has not implemented it vice president Mike pence says he and his wife Karen will be tested for corona virus after a member of his staff tested positive pence telling reporters at the White House today there's no reason to believe he was exposed but as the leader of the corona virus task force both he and his wife will be tested this afternoon a staff member in pence's office tested positive this week ansa says neither he nor president trump had direct contact with that person a thirty nine year old man from Montrose county has become the latest in the state to test positive that brings the statewide total number of cases to three hundred sixty four that number now includes a member of the Denver Nuggets franchise the team did not specify whether the individual is a player or staff member a local company may play a big role in corona virus testing metro area company A. two bioscience has the north American rights to distribute the rapid tests that were used in China to figure out who was infected with code nineteen the company won FDA emergency use approval it expects to have one hundred thousand testing kits shipped out this weekend and arrive in Colorado next week the company tells our fox thirty one partners it hopes to import one hundred thousand test kits every week for as long as needed the kids can be used in any doctor's office with just one drop of blood it can determine code nineteen antibodies in minutes Susan Witkin KOAA news radio more Colorado employees seven the finding themselves out of work a basin ski areas saying it will let go four hundred thirty seasonal full time and part time employees as of April first and one of the top selling country stars in the world is gone the gambler has left the table.

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