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A leader manager a leader really confused in biko's look back authors who write about a tobacco school including harvard peter area in kermanshah in a concept of leadership when people quoted all prime very confused and computers in terms of what a leader of the media wieder somebody who ended up look creature and great plain price is really good at what they do they don't want anything to weaken young people would concept what leadership a car i talked to a high school kid parker group last week and they get really they don't have any problem with that right they get it right away well you know it's interesting kevin so first of all i want to ask the make sure i understand what you're saying you really saying is if we look at the definition of the word leader in the definition of manager where they should be two different things as part of what you're saying right right at a leader founder up what could future does the right thing in a manager get things done efficiently and effectively through other well and so where i was going with that is you know it's easy to focus on the manager part of this in fact you have this great quote everybody has had a bad manager many of us have never had a great manager we're going to get to that quote because i think that's really important but i think it's also import the think about the terrible thing we do to leaders by forcing them into the management who'll i i would imagine what we're basically doing is breaking their legs of leadership pretty much private school so so that's the question so what truly is the definition of a leader and he said it they look to the future but beyond that isn't it about assembling the right people the right team no no no no when you up to go through a proper leader of all time right and you're grab people like martin luther king jr wrote apart grade at american workers are more she wasn't trying to influence anybody and to allow schroeder white people my wife and what happened was apparently there were there were empty but in our wake up a walk up to her i would.

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