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Erin, I into this before the episode started because the places the hot, I still don't quite know, whether I'd actually yeah. Recommend visitors go to places like Peckham, which are really interesting for people that live in London and kind of the new east London. But I don't know if I would I would recommend you have to prioritize that on your first or second trip into London. But that is where a lot of the cool young gallery. He's in galleries are heading to to open up. There's really good food happening. All those sort of hallmarks of the next great neighborhood in a great urban city, like New Yorker, a London that will happening in Peckham and has been for a couple of years while whereas Peckham in south of the river. Another country clarify in London. You pick aside. You're either north Londoner yours. That's very divided that way. Geographically what we will north of the river. Are we we are on north of the river? But also, of course, what you're not in Saudi got your western east. And I I have to say, I'm I'm south west gun. But I know that's the right side to be on in this war. I'm his another part of me every time I go east. I just cannot believe the Georgian architecture. I cannot believe the amazing people doing amazing things. And if I was to pick up six and salt will ever again, if I was twenty five all over again is east east, and if I wasn't living in New York, I live east, and I have to say just to stir the pot little bit. I am not British-born by delivered on for number of years. And I go back very often. But I was a dedicated north London supporter. I really love not not, you know, the Camden high speed areas, but there are such gorgeous really quintessentially British places they can reach in London that are in the north. I lived in place called Kentish town, which is part of the borough of Camden. And that's where you're going to find. He's extrordinary old pubs and literary pubs and. All arms is an incredible pub-. The pineapple is amazing. It's just so quirky and strange, and and just interesting. I mean because it's so close to Camden, which the seventies was you know, where the Sex Pistols were coming out of. And you had all these crazy out there punk movements happening. You still get every now, and then you'll walk into these pubs, and you'll still get these old like punks that are clearly in their seventies and have died purple hair. And it's just there's just there's just such a factor to it that you don't find in the rest of London that I find incredibly charming, and you've also got beautiful parks up there. What would you recommend? What's a lovely sort of north London? The largest park is why am I forgetting the name hems it? He thank you. They're all great. But why do you like is very very London amazing because you walk into him said in it has massive and you can get in from all these different entrances. But their parts of the heath that you feel like you're in the British countryside their line by these country manners. And you really still in the middle of the city, and they have these beautiful swimming ponds, and there's just so much diversity in the way, it's been landscape is it's still pretty wild. And then you can look out from your vantage point over the city, and that gives you that feeling of separation and that feeling of calm, and you know, it's it's it's Squatty and wildland. So it's kind of exciting for that reason. I think is a lovely place. I think it's not necessarily many visitors. I ten arrays, and it's a shame because yes, you wanna stroke, the region's Paul, that's beautifully manicured. But how much did he does feel like a chunk of the countryside that was sort of ripped out of the ground and dumped in a very sort of Tony London surrounded by these big mansions, and it feels so on touch it still feels like that? That's why I really enjoy it and parliament ho is one of the greatest founded points in Hamm said heats. If you go there action, a Saturday, they have a beautiful farmers market, and you can pick up food and just have these beautiful views over the city. They also have an ice. At christmas..

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