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I. Welcome the Keith and the girl I'm Keith Malley Hamda. We took a couple of days off for Labor Day Week, how was your vacation? It was actually really good but it's it's weird to tell people what's good about it because you know Keith was saying like, how was it an I? I was like, Oh, it's great. We road eight miles on our bikes to get an icy. We rode seven miles on her. Bike ticket cookie, and that's how we plan. We're like, okay. What radius are we willing to bike to and what specialty thing that were allowed to do is just get food. Can we do there now it's obviously a covert nineteen times can has an audio autoimmune disease that's major. When you drive eight miles, you ride eight miles for some cookie heard about in Brooklyn. If it's not top notch or you. Physically angry. Yeah, of course. I don't know I would be I'd be like. I, did the other day most of the time I have fine reaction because I expect everything to be stupid. Why would eight miles on a bike? Manifest some cookie. I've always this chocolate chip with walnut hide you do that. You know you just kind of hope for the best, and if not, you find the best pizzeria round and that's your consolation prize 'cause in New York, you always get good pizza. So that's how I. Like it got to be Oh and it's usually next like some body of water that we could sit in front of or there's usually starbucks where I can get all right at least I have my coffee. Then they fucked that up. That's when freak out right now you get back home. Let's say you happen to sneeze. Are you like what? What the fuck did I go out for a icy every time every time and every time I do it I sneeze or Whatever it is I cough too much and it doesn't sound like a weed cough on like okay. Was it worth it start telling yourself it was worth it now because when you feel that pain, it's not gonNA fewer it anymore the other day I had bad stomach pains it woke me up at two am woke up circuit. He's like I thought everything was there was turmoil in my stomach number this is it. This is Cova everything's okay. Let's just take a quick shower smoke it out and see if we can get some rest for now because later, we might be getting any everything's worth it I ride my bike podcast I've Sung for a living I'm ready to die. Here we go. All right. All. Right. I stated more than you. I saw Cobra. Kai the TV show on that flex two seasons. That's twenty episodes half hour each it's five hours. I don't think I had any fun I do not think I enjoyed it one bit it was it was work because as a kid I took karate I loved the movies I remember seeing credit kid to in a strip mall. My mom was shopping on the other side of the mall as all jazzed up by the ending that I sprinted. To her in the car like I'm the next karate kid I totally get that. That's such a good feeling but you're you're definitely and they know they know this about your age you're chasing that high you expected to see like you expect it to run for five hours. After like after every episode, you run around a bunch you get healthier you expected the rush of a I, don't know if you have a candy bar when your ten and then a candy bar when you're forty different effects, right? Right and the karate kid movies were stupid I. I know not to watch those again I mean again, they say though the first movie will I was a kid and they were great. But the first movie they teach them one kick that was the big lesson and then the second movie he punches somebody side to side because Mr Miyake's shows them the way of this drum that you spend in your hand. Up Yet got me jazzed up and now I feel like I have to watch this because they put it out as a TV show and it's horrible. Well, a couple of things. The first thing is it's so funny. We all experienced that it was a very emotional. Movie for. Children. Right and isn't it interesting that the emotion is hey, I don't have a dad my parents don't have time or aren't paying attention to me or his dad was dead or whatever. But generally I'm a latchkey kid and this old guy took an interest in me in not a perverted way. This was our dream you're watching karate kid that's your dream is for some neighbor to take pity. On you and your family like is is like and just take you in and mine was Anne I watched Anne so much like which about about being an orphan that was my takeaway from Anne that's not good and number two is didn't you get over the disease that you're not gonNA. Watch, things that you're done with and it does matter if they put out the next sequel in the next series. That disease that you're covid. It I. Don't I mean you're saying karate kid. I. Don't know if they come out with the season three. I'm going to be upset because I, think I'll have to say it if they don't come out with it, I will be happy. Okay. So I have a similar thing. There's a show on Netflix called I'm thinking of ending it and I don't know if they're showing it to you but it makes so much sense that they're showing it to me it seems little rt very feelings oriented. You're not sure what happened and I've watched I, think an hour. In two or three different sessions. Okay. There's still a fucking our left and I swear to God I keep trying to look for a reason to continue because. If feels like the payoff should be so good at the end they're doing trickery with you know what you're seeing and you know what time line you're on stuff like that and I'm like, this is so deep. That an hour and I'm not getting it I'm GonNa fuck drown all of a sudden in all this stuff coming together and I'm not sure I'm going to be feeling that. But I'm GONNA keep trying. I didn't feel anything in this karate kid show and cotton nuit ears God one time he's in a car. They changed the angle. He's on a ski boat chasing again he's back in the car. Are.

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