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The west and south sides according to Chicago police the latest happened in the little village neighborhoods to shortly before twelve fifteen PM of the twenty four hundred block of south Troy police say a fourteen year old girl was in the company of a fifteen year old friend who is handling a weapon when it went off and struck her in the cheek she was taken in fair condition the Strozier hospital the boy placed in police custody a lawmaker from Chicago's northwest suburbs has introduced a bill that would yank the Illinois department of children and family services out of McHenry county it would also allow the county to care for its own vulnerable children the Tribune reports the proposals in response to a case involving the murder of five year old age a friend of crystal lake his parents are charged in his death happened under DCFS is watch boy's body was discovered in a shallow grave in neighboring Woodstock that's where the bill sponsor is from Republican representative Steve Reich victim on WGN news Italy avoids a major hiking in U. S. terror of sitting other European countries A. B. C.'s Meghan Williams reports from Rome Italy's foreign minister has announced that the country is Cape having U. S. terrorists as high as twenty five percent slapped on its famous food products such as parmesan cheese the U. S. had threatened to impose the new terrorists in the fall as followed over trade dispute is having with the European Union over Airbus but Italy argued that since it's not part of the Airbus consortium it shouldn't be hit with American tariffs on its exports Italy's economy dependent on exports is struggling to keep out of a recession Meghan Williams ABC news Rome officials as in high school on Chicago's north side of removed a teacher after campus protests over what she allegedly told a student that's right at a campus in an earlier this week the teachers accused of telling a Latina student go back to her country when she refused to stand during the star spangled banner the school.

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