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The money albany spent a busy day so what else on the first day of the government shutdown the senate was in session most of the day and we'll be again tomorrow but when it comes to actual negotiating senate democratic leader chuck schumer has not spoken to president trump at all the communications between senate majority leader mcconnell senator schumer's office those are limited right now and if a deal is going to be made those are the players that are going to make it and they're barely even talk right now correspondent phil manningly on capitol hill the next vote in the senate on ending debate will be very early monday morning unless it come sooner democrats say they have the votes to block it a list of one federal facilities are open in which are closed bit different than the last shut down the liberty bell and philadelphia's closed as are the statue of liberty and ellis island in new york and new jersey some national parts like yellowstone annual seventy you're still open for the moment the us naval academy sports teams are playing this weekend the us air force academy teams are not kennedy library in boston clinton library in little rock both closed on ricky johnson this is bloomberg best i'm june grasso i'm ed baxter this week automakers are gathering in detroit for the north american international auto show where brands from america and abroad or showing off their latest models in offering a look at the future of mobility bloomberg's david west and his at the event and he spoke with us transportation secretary elaine chao eyeroll department of transportation to ensure safe number one we also want to promote innovation because innovation and creativity that is american hallmark of who we are and makes us a preeminent technological leader in the world so we have to promoting to promote innovation and we're doing a number of things at the department to take a look at our regulations which are hampering innovation because you know we have over thirty seven thousand deaths on the highways.

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