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They would to one more open mic where i got up and bobby we would i'd never met before gave me the greatest interro ever and then i bond rice you know i think i remember the shows that's when used to wear hockey via the time on stage right bros and i was ready probably to be seen at the calmly story yearin i'm glad i got scared off but uh i remember talking to you then yeah i mean i can't i did i came round for maybe another month without performing just it was just too much for me and knives like you serves much darker vibe bail was um you know just really not a lot of audience most nights in how and who is that ghost town you know i never really uh meshed with tommy on ah performance level in his ninety pat heard from him out why noah he had he's doing something in nicaragua i aaron dumb you know he aspirin cisco almost to perform their okay so um you know he sees i guess he's still in the comedy business i know there were rumors of him uh and was said and brent wanted in buffalo yes i had heard that i actually spoke with money was teaching a class there okay so because he passed you right yes i think i was last midsea first tommy cusp okay right there then what year is at around two thousand eight okay because i know i think the last person passed by mitzi was just a martindale and the last a back then they kind of had like nonregular regulars the yes uh and i think jason tibo was the last known but i don't know what that nonpaid regular yes he so i unfortunately never got to a uh meter so i was her system for a year and hausa uh i'm so grateful for that time now like i would have to like i'm so grateful for it was not easy at the time there are a lot like our dark years for me but um i guess you were just do a struggling to find your cell comically now i actually i was don't pre pretty well on stage but she just what impasse me and then like i would have to drive her home after the showcase and i'd be like sale like anybody tonight an anna i would have to wake up get the comedy star van.

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