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The four is a number not a letter. Okay <hes> moving in this first part. We talk about our first output experience. I hope you enjoy it and we're live beaming from australia australia italy and malaysia today all once. We've got a a will team. That's going to shake some wonderful information on our very first experiences. Now we've got uri's risky of course from the lucidity for all group out of malaysia which is like worldwide so how many members and look pleasure to also introduce allie wylie from and allie actually have a huge <unk> out of body experience feis book group <hes> s the estra prediction out of body experiences <hes> page so this is going to be not a wonderful exploration of our very first o._b. Experiences an how that has affected <hes> you know allies moving forward so without further ado welcome both of these wonderful experts on the onto the screen to join me welcomed always how i we're fine. Great to begin is good to talk without eat bokram rival while malaysia almost idea is distilling incredible internet indecency size because i thought my other buddy experiencing none of as if searching you not anytime bookshop sir charles m. yeah thanks to be here so i think what we'll do is i think we'll we'll start with allie and then across to yuri so elliott. Tell us a little bit about the lead up into your very oviedo <hes> when it was where you were in your life and then we'll we'll take it from there. The question i started out with waugh's who i'm on that was started out with. I think sauce out with a desire to our map would experience <hes> not even to britain my the gym was i wanted to describe on the real. Adding one was asking to take me side which stop he wants now. Maybe stop with you <hes> so i stopped my dreams so i i started to write down every morning. Everything dream. I have however been a student at the time <hes> sensations event and remained more about note your jaw. Maybe <unk> exciting. He's nine <unk>. It was one of those teachers ma-ma-madonna salty standard corridor with a coffee chat stores students so he started in my dreams and when i need it can use it. We started to live out a growth. I need to do my life to be bowl because when i had the james mccain the candidates so i started doing techniques to three rather than outward experiences this is i didn't consider the ready what experience because with the wedding to go into banja anyway. I started my morning. James and i was doing techniques to lose dream which basically similar to the techniques that you might use stay experience so i was doing a traunstein wait. While i went to sleep techni i was looking at my has joined the day the jets and i was doing this for about three months and how you james with my beloved institute which i now believe with a manifestation is sal <hes> who's trying to help me in my audible and discover who i am anyway said stores show <unk>. Jim set at john wall nights. <hes> let me ben mohammed was snoring. My husband is was academy. Statue in my antibody experiences snow i would chant bedroom and and so that automatically what we are to move into another room to save is often the body the technique the. I didn't even realize it's north anyway. As long as they're sti- wait i went to st contention or coming trim attention but not our experience as a tried many many times eyesight way as you should go stock focus tradition. You know you tend to other knife. You're tired edgy tense tune into all things dribbles anyway. It was in my felt myself. Go down and down and down much myself in lift feeding down down down as soon as the balsam and it was wonderful to get rations rations it. Wouldn't you rather easy sensation us. Nationals of being in colour is did you do there. Then suddenly found uploading barranco what the experience humbly bit trying to stay calm and i tried to move towards window and it was big us assan out in offshore announcement so i never actually built through the again i think young two of them and then i love the snow and the free need to spy reading experience. It was a simple experience. Offset is one of my best is it was is it gave me such join any warning and two thousand knits legroom. I tell the trump to.

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