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And find out more good period here for air force two goals in hispania about three and a half minutes i tyler medford was unassisted the second goal was lipford from cook and baskin and they just added the assist tabasco matt cook made a terrific pass to lead for he's got both of air forces goals face off his in the neutral zone the fourth line is out for air force kutschera and tyron on the wings and dan bailey is in on the face off right in front of us on the dot just outside the husky blue line and joe tyron will send it in to the husky end short gets to it in the corner his outlet is kept in at the blue line by kolpak back in behind the husky net where it's played by john lozad can't go this side so they go the other way with it then a long stretch pass up ahead a little bit too long to control for patrick newell he finally catches up to it puts one on net diesel covered up by billy christoffel aceh stops play he'll say cloud finds themselves in a similar situation is two years ago they were the number one seed in the west regional they got knocked off that year by the number four see that was thorough state and they're down to zero in this game eleven fifty one left second period tile hey we'll take this face off airports in front of christopolous huskies with the puck after the draw out to the blue line down low farside they bring it back out turn it over the jordan henry right at the blue line he'll pitch it out of there and it's entity husky and retrieved by kyle hey cake with a shot right down the goal line to save is made by rennick drops the puck and then covers it up as there were some blue jerseys including matt serra torian the neighborhood there's something tile hake likes about playing in the nc double a tournament but he's playing good hockey we saw it at army we saw last weekend in rochester and he's playing a whale of game tonight another turnover another shot on goal by number sixteen got a great kyle hake story and soon as we get an opportunity.

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