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I didn't get any local chippy chat over the fish and chip shop about inevitably banta and another thing happened there wasn't as good ele the in humans try to luck yeah well i would say mixed in negative the recited the other gets a bland like choice of i'll again like the moon bases just like a concrete looks like the inside of a damn yeah but they're on the moon already runs dressed lanzmann so that's true yeah i mean it's got the teleporting dog which i kinda like that was the highlight uganda tights in and out of the sale that that's my favorite part of it and maybe that's one big forgiven all of it is they found a creative way to do the teleport yeah because there's only so many ways you can do one onscreen yeah something new something you so this is coming to i'm xi that the first few episodes guy and then all good ib say it looks very ibca doesn't it doesn't like it's got you can't even get a sense of the tarling the just brightly colored and blamed walls and just dry performances zip very heavily featured black balde's throughout the from gam 'cause i guess he's got the game of thrones going a choice of accent i think so this is gonna moon void he's got a moon accent yes making british israel that's the accent of the mood is the british colonized the moon oh though i didn't know that i i just feel if you're going to the moon you gotta teleporting dog you've got a woman who when exit would you prefer now i did not i'm just looking the.

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