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First Match


I felt like this bill is trust with you know fit and with and with those those folks who who led us that they trusted us that we weren't out there, trying to go into business for ourselves or like, go to law because. Women's wrestling or anything like that, but to go and do what's right for the show, the business of the show in the business thing and it was an awesome like it was one of my favorite matches while time I don't think we even talked. We just went out there and danced at it was amazing, and we got that curtain, and we had from ric flair to hunter to Sina to aren't a standing ovation from the boys in the locker room. And, that has been the only time that that has ever happened to me. At all my twenty, going on twenty one years in the business I'd never gotten a complete standing ovation from the boys in the locker room, and that is the ultimate tip of the hat and I didn't have with my sister. And and that match deserved it. You know what I mean and I think that Liz like one of those moments when I was like you know what I think that we are really making a difference, and we are really changing the perception, not that the other. We have had some and I. Don't feel like they get the credit. They deserve the IVORIES. Trish leader late some bad ask women in this business that has completely went and did their part to change the business into to change the way the pave the way we all played these parts in this kinks to get to where we are now, and it's just it's amazing. It's amazing the seat now, so yeah incredible! That's awesome. Could see the match I. Still to this day, like maybe because in my mind's eye now put this match on this level, and perhaps when I go back. If someone ever have good agendas matching, they want to send it to me. I would be so grateful, but. You know they didn't really allow cameras and stuff and it's Buzzer I think. Maybe it's not as good as I remember it, but. I will say that that has never happened that. If walked back to the locker room and got a standing ovation from the entire locker room of people that I have looked up to admired for years from breaking into the business to leg, sharing the locker room, sharing the road with them back is the ultimate you know. Amount of respect and I can't say that even today. That I've seen it happen Maho. Lot you and I mean it's not from from one or two people short job girls not from the entirety of the locker room. And you listed off some Mount Rushmore people. People so that's that's incredible. That's really awesome. For me I was like a child. What's your goals here for the next year? Obviously you are still doing music, you, you know country music bad ass! NIYAZ healing up getting back to the ring full-time. What's what's the next year after we get through Kovic? What does that look like for you? You know I'm trying to figure that out because I. think that you know the plans that I had. been bit disrupted..

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