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Do you and Ryan try to plan beforehand. A WE WE ALWAYS DO. Ryan are very very us. We've been friends for many many years and so we we do plan. We plan ahead. We plan every every aspect activist off on the West Coast and so he's speaking up five in the morning to do this an end. I said congratulations when one day when you become a parent Our your your clocks already going to be set the threat but whenever saying was that with their people that are that are working in people that have lost their jobs and there are people that have anxiety about how they're going to feed their kids but then all of all of those worries boom way would have somebody that sick in the hospital and potentially die right. Sorry like that's the thing like you're so much devastation. That talking about like beans or or having like is anxiety that what's going to happen. It's just an all we keep going keep talking about. How fortunate we are right now. Nobody that we know look knock on. Wood is affected by this right. Now she died. We've had many friends. We twelve people we know there have they the look. Yeah this is Ross and Kelly in some ways your job is is is more important than ever feel that Means that she will. She won't she won't speak to that I agree I think that what they would Ryan her brand to joy. A great distraction if you will and especially now just to stop on what's happening world for our and as keep it light you good new stories on on every day and I agree with you. I mean I think it's I mean that's right heard a lot from people Hush they got at the show. That show and just people distraction Sharon. You would like this this. This would appeal to you specifically so we've been focusing on talking to a hero of the day. A person is doing good in the community and and giving our resources so if you're hungry in Utah where your local food bank is. You can call a number or if you're even if you're too timid because most people that need help just simply refuse to ask for it because it's just how we've all been brought up right you don't let people know when you're suffering So we've been trying to access that area of society. Maybe people are like home. Afraid they don't know how they're going to pay their mortgage. They don't rights trying to feature these people that are doing amazing work in the community but then at the end of the Joe Johnson called are good news sort of the day and I was telling. This story is so amazing. Entire family got Hobart. The mother the matriarch of the family. Who's in the woman was based into a medically induced coma is on a ventilator? She started she started having visions or dreams. Vivid DREAMS ICON hallucinations I was calling the night terrors and hallucinations But she was dreamed a mark and me and Ryan and we were all with her in the white room for all in the route. Cathy don't the.

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