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The cat put the cat on top of the dog and the dog run around with a stuffed cat boy that is a true story i mean the cat really did die three days before we were going to appear on bozo what do you think that did to my psyche that was twenty five years of therapy just that one bill handel tomorrow at six ero golden the green green grass kfi am six forty more stimulating talk hey wednesday bill handel he's gonna be doing his show i'm gonna come in visit with him as i always do from nine thirty to ten four handle and the house was for you know bill handel has some plastic grass at the persian palace this is true this is not a secret we talked about it this week on the air and because marjorie is a fan of the show i'm trying my best marjorie are you listening let's talk let's get rid of that plastic and let's go with the native bent that's all i'm saying right now i'm just saying it okay also friday gary and shannon it's diy fridays with gary and shannon from eleven to eleven thirty and yes what jimmy pardo from diamond bar was the first caller in the winner of our pair of opening day dodger stadium dodger tickets so congratulations jimmy if you don't have somebody to go with give me a call time for dodger.

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