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A secretary here designated for Attorney General John will come back and let you finish that statement up and take final phone calls in this impeachment debate news traffic and weather Tampa bay's news radio WFLA the department of corrections secretary mark inches calling the current state of the prison system quote unsustainable problems include violence drugs being smuggled into prisons and high turnover rates in his budget proposal he's asking for sixty million dollar pay plan to keep existing officers and twenty nine million dollars to make one third of officers twelve hour shifts into eight hour shifts the state department of transportation sets pulmonary routes for three new highways early next year chief engineer will what's tells lawmakers his agency will work to reduce any damage to nature we try to avoid and minimize the environmentally sensitive areas of ways we can add hurricane center meteorologist Jamie Rome was awarded the service to America safety and law enforcement metal Thursday Rome is credited with developing a new and more accurate way to measure storm surge and its dangers with Florida's news I'm Sean Conrad from the Florida center credit union auto loans traffic center while authorities have cleared the construction for north bound to seventy five from Himes Avenue to actually drive to come up the Howard Franklin bridge you got a straight shot if you're heading into downtown Tampa no delays.

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