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That impacts them as opposed to just sharon emails for the purpose of you getting the sales in the money that you want take his home let's talk about how to build an automated business system so that the purses first starts with understanding what your area of expertise is absolutely and then the process moves on into looking specifically at what sets you apart like what is it that sets you apart as a fist fitness trainer for example to all the other fitness trainers what is it that sets you apart as a business coach with all the other business coaches and this is a really difficult one for most people to get to grips with they feel like they're most people end up saying in in our call with us the exact same things at the other business coaches said it's you know i have this many years of experience i've worked with this many types of clients you know i've got this much experience in my business career but apart from the results or those tangible there are tons of intangibles that make you unique and that is why people will buy you a people by you of course right they don't buy the services that are in by the the coaching that him by the the the the if the events are the workshops they buy specifically who you are and i my trust in you enough to do that so thing that's really important to nail down before you then jump into identifying where they are right now your perspective clients in terms of their mindset in terms of their beliefs in terms of their values interns monitor than where are they when they experienced the result what would they be feeling at that point what would they be believing thinking doing experiencing about aren't and if you can map that journey out the new you're on the way too.

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