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So let's hit the hothouse hot notes. Alright lead story. Today is all about the attempted coup from the former guy. This is coming from betsy. Woodruff swan at politico. She says donald trump asked the country's top legal official in late december about a conspiratorial draft. Complaint this is rosen about this draft complaint aimed at overturning the twenty twenty election according to previously unreported accounts of trump's phone call with the former acting attorney general. That's jeffrey rosen. Rosen persuaded trump. The lawsuit wasn't a good idea. He told senate investigators last weekend that that's what he told trump and that's according to two sources familiar with his testimony. This previously unreported detail underscores. How hard the department of justice lawyers work to shoot down. The increasingly harebrained legal strategies that reached the president's desk trump brought up the fifty four page legal document in a phone. Call with rosen and late december weeks after losing trump wanted to know. Why wasn't the justice department doing more about the election. The complaint was being circulated by an outside group. Helmed by kurt olson. An attorney who had represented texas in its own failed lawsuit challenging trump's loss earlier that month and some of the president's allies found its logic compelling the complaint modeled after the texas lawsuit would have urged the supreme court to declare that the electoral college from six key. Swing states lost by trump cannot be counted because of baseless allegations of election fraud and for the justices to order a special election for trump to be held in those states. Rosen didn't so he basically had this legal document that said the supreme court needs to overturn six states that he lost and how we hold the election in the states that he lost. Oh yes for sure. Let's just do reverse just doing just do a new election rosen. Didn't find olson's arguments persuasive. Really he had already been in touch with texas lawyer. That's according to emails previously released by house. Investigators any challenged him to come up with some supreme court precedents backing up his case. But that didn't happen. So when trump brought the complaint up on the call the acting attorney general was ready. Because he'd already talked to this guy wilson. The complainant circulated widely enough at senior levels of government. That department's office of legal counsel had reviewed it. They reviewed it and laid out legal reasons why it was a non-starter rosen presented some of these arguments the president including arguments related to standing and original jurisdiction and he told not not that. It's fucking ridiculous. You know he was like well. You might have some standing and jurisdiction problems. and he told congressional investigators. He persuaded trump to side with him. On this particular case the justice department did not sign onto the complaint and rosen repeatedly. Told the president what he didn't wanna hear over the course of his final weeks in office but despite that trump didn't fire rosen and bj pack former us attorney in atlanta told congressional investigators today on wednesday that his abrupt resignation in january had been prompted by justice. Department officials namely rosen warning. Bj that the trump was gonna fire him for refusing to say that there was widespread voter fraud enjoy. That's according to a person familiar with. Bj pants testimony pack provided more than three hours of closed-door testimony to the senate judiciary committee. He stepped down with no notice on january fourth saying that he had done his best to be thoughtful and consistent and to provide justice for my fellow citizens in a fair effective efficient manner and A little breaking news right now right in the middle of treason pillow guys symposium his cyber symposium own a lawyer for acute on conspiracy theorists named ron watkins told him to say read a statement on the zoom call that he was on to say that the the data mike lindell was analyzing and was up on the screen for all to see had been stolen from mesa county colorado clerks and they needed to stop the review immediately. The county clerk. Tina peters who has supported election conspiracy theories in the past told nine news colorado. She would not comment on the investigation based on advice from the local district. Attorney district attorney. Dan rubenstein however said tuesday. He never advise peters or anyone else in her office and his office is also conducting. Its own separate criminal investigation into this incident. Peter's did publicly acknowledged the breach tuesday evening when she joined my pillow founder. Mike lindell's cyber symposium promoting trump's fos election rigging claims peters appeared with lindell and sharona bishop former campaign manager for republican colorado congresswoman loren. Bogaerts so dana. It's a cluster. fuck it is. And here's a story that doesn't sound like we've completely made it up my the last one. The senate passed a sweeping democratic budget resolution as spunk. Pardon lines early wednesday. That would make it possible to expand medicare education and environmental measures largely to higher taxes on the wealthy incorporations. Who this is. The to the three point five trillion blueprints to pave the way for the massive social safety net expansion which stopped it was adopted. Fifty to forty nine vote after more than fourteen hours of debate on a myriad of amendments. Now senators voted on forty seven. Non-binding amendments forty-seven during the process adopting some sponsored by republicans among them or an amendment offered by freshman senator. Tommy tuber vo republican from alabama football. Coach you remember him adopted in a ninety nine to zero boat actually that would block federal funds for any jurisdictions that fund. The police which is fine. Because that's not what we're going for anyway. We're not trying to take away all the money from the boys at least most of us anyway. Another by senator. Rick stotts from florida also adopted a ninety nine. Zero vote would ensure tax money doesn't go to groups like hamas which the united states considers a terrorist organization g. When the fuck was our tax money going to hell maas by the way they weren't this was all just a quarter the democrats to vote no on defunding. The police and cory booker was like thank. God let's all walk no. Let's sashayed down and all vote. No on this because you know or vote to include this amendment. Because nobody wants to do that. And i'm sure exactly you know the two thousand twenty two election cycle. I'm sure all the republicans will acknowledge that no democrats voted to defend the police. So you know. It's just absolutely ridiculous. And on the other side of the aisle we have an amendment senator. Tom carbon is a democrat from delaware. He's called for a fund to address. Climate change sounds more reasonable. Because the budget measures are non-binding lawmakers typically use them to pitch messaging proposals which many than using campaign ads during later election cycles which is why every democrat went and voted against the funding. The police democrats said earlier. This week that the legislative package they plan to write would fund programs to provide a families combat climate change in expand healthcare and education programs. Democrats are planning to include language that would establish universal pre-k for three and four year olds making community college. Tuition free for two years provide green cards to millions of immigrant. Workers families reduced prescription drug costs. Now rep steny steny hoyer incenting stateful..

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