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Center is breezy like some positions. I I gotta stay on the phone with this person. You know, what I'm saying is being urinating on his insurance guard. What's going on? Get into that trafficking. Italia. They just cleared out of the way in Encino one south right after belbow boulevard. There was an earlier crash. It's out of the way. Stop and go traffic those still coming from when neck avenue if you ever see something in the morning causing a backup. Let me know that rouse saving you time traffic line eight eight eight five zero zero zero zero three this traffic report is brought to you by your Mercedes Benz Steelers, southern California. It's when eighteen Mercedes-Benz G L E SUV with safety systems ready for whatever. Like, the veers bounces or creams your way, good MB USA dot com or visit your Mercedes Benz dealer. A southern California to schedule your test drive today. I'm tell you press Ninety-three as you hope for hip, hop and big boys. Bankroll Luigi yell city. Abell gardell. Listen to this. I'm on the corner of Florence avenue and eastern avenue right now, I'm gonna be here till nine AM Louis in your neighborhood. Yes kit ryobi Toyota of downtown LA. Oh my goodness. Listen to this dodger fans, I got those game four tickets. Yo you win today. You got the game today. Men not only that I got tickets to the clippers. They gonna take on the Houston Rockets October twenty first at six pm. Get tickets today at clipper dot com slash tickets city of bell gardens Florence avenue eastern avenue. I'm here baby. Come check income try to dodge. Bill gardens big boy. When you go on a vacation or to any event, you know that you want to have the best pictures ever, right? I mean, I gone. I took some pretty good pictures that I posted on Instagram of my road.

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