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Yeah thanks a lot less an and thanks thanks for not being afraid to call the fill in guy let's go to line three and jim in lucerne valley california hey jim you're on the show with ross hey lucerne valley sir harry joke gore law fair to us okay gotcha are very mild tomorrow augstburger rural ri are prepared hard now people love it okay i've probably driven by at some two hours sorted near it like going from from vegas from biggest to la from time to time what's on your mind there are wary guard could agree swampy aren't vicar pure really really difficult crop to scoop out and but i think what to do uh first of all you got elected official bear the care do virtue thing where you here borrow why he ordered to fire people burnt cairn burning during a character to work these people are doing a very by using his twitter and by actually gory back on the campaign trail airdrie claim air thirty or problem all these people were either perry with prior to do what we put you hear her office review airdire thirteen years to really cart was there and bringing pressure are already elected official union germ do you mean showman the publicly you don't really have any earn in there there are no that's right and trump doesn't care about that a trump doesn't care about that and thanks for the call jim i think jim is i think donald trump is already well on the path to jim is describing right which is to to be willing to shame people publicly donald trump is clearly willing to do that i think it's i think they can be helpful at actually reminds me would jim's comment reminds me of a story one i mentioned to us on the news today there's a doctor who works for the va and they don't have his name in firming matter and this guy reported up through the food chain and the va a bunch of stuff that was being done wrong and the.

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