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Breaking news here's Sebastian Gorka what is Sunday Bates overall because dropped out of the presidential struggle both of Looney Tunes candidates for the Democrat Bob the well we do not have for entertainment problem is that a few drops out he's never going to run again we got so lucky breaking news we keep you up to date on the latest and also have the most important level of politics which is the local level that's what really happens in I give space the candidates those Americans who are choosing to pick up the challenge at the local level in today in studio so excited have Laura and I'm it as the rain who is running for the home to mill compartment district section of the Fairfax county education board Laura welcome to the studio well it's a pleasure to have it happen to me have me here today thank you very much thank you for coming your fellow immigrant like me he yeah and your naturalized in two thousand and eight yes when you're a bit of a radio professional on do you have a show yeah I have a show I'd be having to show for approximately twelve years now what's it called the Filipino radio so it's a local radio in the public's access effects and you like you said to me it's more fun than television right I love radio I themed sees wasn't seen I was little I always see my in the voice of you know you listen the voices send you my in this con some man became the voice so because I always love my mother used to always listen radio so you always dream and to have that so in two thousand and then when I become to this in a United States I was following politics I decide to have a radio show fabulous okay but you're doing something even more important now yeah why are you running for education board in Fairfax county you know I have two kids are one and I was twenty five and another one eighteen when my son they all their one went before first kind of bullet schools he was kind of easy to be helping him we have books we have notes he was wonderful Sunday my son eighteen a now in college everything is everything online this novel books there's no access and my son began to suffer a lot for support on the school my son has ADHD and I requested help and was no call for me because I never let my son fail I he said well because just because we know was another ice his son is not going to support have and you had extra help because his impersonal the jeers so my son has a B. is the IBM I wouldn't help now so I'm just so the kids failed to Bellagio something very badly so so they can have a night be classless specialists help so we have to have a real real failure yeah for you can get some help that's a that's just wrong absolutely so what a nice as me as the many other parties you have to compensate they have since education in the school so I yourself by just one so what Aidid because I'm engineer my husband engineer we tried to help him but we could then so we have to pay extra help so we pay around sixty to one hundred dollars per hour to touring ice to help us in many other parties so when my son when when we are in one of the richest the second richest county in America and you have to pay yourself up with a budget of three billion dollars with somebody just told me this and he blew my mind that the education budget Fairfax county is three billion with a B. and they have eight hundred trailer is in which students are being told that this has to be fixed he needs some believable them people made or not that is is fifty three percent are you on taxes that you property taxes go to the school board so no not having P. fifty three percent so I know a lot of people that have to put all the keys from the school for the home schooling because it between the what they teach you none of the team it's just a lot of some of these she's Laura Ramirez drain I want you to support her go to vote for Laura with that number four votes for Laura dot com she's so kind it's the day off to how lose eve it is the day of the dead I wasn't sure actually this morning and she's borders mas the old as the little miles a day of the dead and even wrote me a lovely table cloth Mexican table cloth of Laura first couple of minutes we have with you yes Laura mirrors drain what would you do differently if you're elected to the the the board of education I think the first thing we have to deal with what the partner with it another organization that outside of for for us and it will be a school we have to mentor you have to claim main thirty programs we have amazing companies around in northern Virginia what if we working with corporations when the kids see high school Congal shallow people the great I mean thirty will be an exceptional the second thing I believe is that you can go up you know this part of the he is the Asian American in the top and the bottom all the let the no son of African Americans I believe that she can America Celestino's need help on one of the things we couldn't really focuses in fine curriculums that are helping in another in another state like in Texas liking bossing people around which is the local board is trying to do to recreate social engineering to bus students around to reflect some kind of artificial ethnic diversity it's insane that they want to spend money on that what else good luck to the bar I don't understand how they want to thank the Latino some break them the move into another schools one their eyes there is a school for example in my neighbor called dog with elementary sixty five percent or that the no he said that they receive it is that the one so there is to go over my money why the Latinos kind of state I think this is the second language until this twenty one so my goal is I had to leave go back to review the budget I'm see we're out what is the money going what is the still on in the bottom when there is so much money if a located to them so budget will be something very important and the last part I really want to focus this bar in engagement is the fact that bodies are the teachers for the kids but the plans we are behind we are not transparency will have access to curriculum so we have to go back up given the print the voice of the we don't have it especially for you Megan community this is a citizen politician this is exactly what we need at all levels of government.

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