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Host, Anthony Lima. I welcome back final segment off the show. On. It's gonna be an explosive one. I can guarantee you that much. Afterwards you'll be able to get on board with Sean Pendergast always does a terrific job. But we've got one final segment to go. Been a lot of discussion about college football today. I told you why I'm worried about LeBron. Which of the hostility is that right? Like the betting against LeBron James when it comes to the playoffs, But I said This is the one year Where all that Local course knowledge that he developed over time as somebody who spent over a $1,000,000 on his body every single year. Who knows howto have his body peaking at the right time. How all that is gone. After eight years of the finals, it's gone. Because of this restart. I don't think anybody had any idea how to keep themselves in the right conditioning. And have their body in the right shape. For this that we're about to embark on and so I think that has been responsible for the inconsistency and LeBron's plane out last night. He had good numbers in their loss. Their offense is all over the place right now. Anthony Davis was terrible yesterday. LeBron has really struggled, shooting the ball from the outside. I picked the Clippers to win it all. I'm not getting off that decision quite yet. I still I still love from top to bottom. That entire team. And I look at the guys that the Lakers going to be relying on. There's only so much LeBron could do. They got guys like Dion waiters. And J. R. Smith. You think LeBron's depending on those guys in big moments? You think he feels good about that? Sighing. Lakers are in trouble here. I really do. And Yeah, it's good that they clinch the one seed. But unfortunately for them, there's no home court advantage. Do you realize the advantage they would have had in the Western Conference playoffs and everything. We're back to normal. They would have Would be a best of seven in Los Angeles. Every game would be a home game. I mean, we ever seen anything like that. To that level. They would have all the advantage in the world there, and now that's totally wiped out. Offensive great basketball. So much so many of these games are huge. Getting to see SIA Williamson. Going to see John Moran, although Memphis is in big trouble. Portland things getting testy between Damian Lillard. And last night Patrick Beverly and Paul George, and it spilled over to Twitter. And these guys were all living together. So they're sitting there tweeting. They might be on to different floors at the same hotel. I've had enough of each other. Wait till we get to the playoffs. Now that is going to be some fun. 855 to 1 to four CBS before we get to the calls. The funniest thing I've seen in a while is the Bernie Lomax cut out weekend at Bernie's. Feel bad for some of the younger demographic here who may not have seen that movie. So many of those movies in the eighties and early nineties you just don't make today couldn't make today. I can't imagine. Any kind of studio in Hollywood signing off on what's the idea? The idea is that this guy, this boss, he dies. And they keep his body around for an entire weekend. Well, what do you mean? They try to keep this fire. I know he's dead, but they propped him up as if he's alive. Everybody's fooled. They put sunglasses on him. And he just never talks to anybody, and everyone thinks it's normal. Okay, we'll give it a budget. Like I did. That's never gonna happen again. Such gold. Such a gold idea such a great screenplay. Should have been up for an Academy Award. They just don't do that these days. And so I got my mind thinking. I know you guys could help me out on this, too. What would be some of the great cardboard cut outs. At the stadium. We saw Bernie Lomax. At a Dodgers game. We're seeing some great ones across based on the best are some of those stadiums where you can see it right behind home plate. Unfortunately, the cameras are not in the same location in every venue there a little bit different. So some of them you can't see the ones you can see. It is great. The best is when some of them that they have the masks I think into Philly. They have both first responders, and they have doctors and nurses back there who were able to get the cardboard cutout so some of them have masks. So there's a lot of hilarity there to be ad. And and I have seen just some staggeringly good ideas. But here's some of the ones I want to see. And Ryan Hickey is back. In the studio. Some curious if you have any toe shares. Well, alright, Here's some that I think would be hilarious. A picture of Luca Brasi when he is getting choked out. Ah, that would be tremendous. Those big, bulging eyes. Okay from scary movie Chris Elliott plays the character of Hanson. He's got the little It's the running gag of the whole movie. His knob on the end of the arm, the caretaker I have to see that. Ah, the automatic pilot from airplane I went up to saving Saving the day when they hook up the automatic pilot. Then there's even a romantic moment with the automatic pilot afterwards, the big blowup down you can imagine. Any number of characters from movie Fletch. Blech is one of my all time favorites. I know it's become chic to rip Chevy Chase, but in that movie It's one of the great characters in cinematic. Comedy cinematic history..

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