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Here with in southern California the which can be pretty expensive other local campuses taking part in events this week include Santa Ana college in El Camino college in Torrance couple killed in a west Covina intersection when a suspect suspect being chased by police slammed into their van he remembered by a vigil now the family is turning to its attention turning its attention I should say to the thirteen year old son was badly hurt in the crash still hospitalized the boy's uncle tells CBS to his injuries include damage to his heart tell me some really heavy surgeries that's gonna to get him back together again restaurant to come back around the family has set up a go fund me account to help with the cost of the voice treatment search teams are still trying to find that worker who is believed to be buried under the rubble of a partially collapsed hotel it was under construction in New Orleans what they've been slowed down by concerns for their own safety in cities mare latoya Cantrell a little short tempered one reporter pressed for today on the pace of the rescue effort yes right now people are here right now this is not a joke and it's not fun we have people that we want to rescue and so we're telling you what we know we're giving you all of the information as we know it and we have experts that are on the same on this job that we really do have strong competency in two other people are known to have been killed in about thirty others were hurt from the partially built hard rock hotel collapsed to near the historic French Quarter of New Orleans court has agreed to hear a case involving the Louisiana law aimed sharply limiting abortions it requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges to hospitals within thirty miles in order to do with the procedures CBS news reporter Kate Smith is both sides in the abortion debate will be keeping a very close eye on how the court.

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