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Dear. Elvis my brother. Jason despises telephone telemarketers. He's been known to flip out so much. He turns the tables and tries to keep them on the phone with him just to drive them. Let's phone tap at all right. This comes from l. All right joe now his sister. Now phone-tapping jason. Scary jones is calling as the world. Famous michael oppenheimer our resident relentless telephone telemarketer phone-tapping journals brother. Jason here. go. Today's michael oppenheimer phone do. This is mr michael oppenheimer with the of glove. The hot surface handler. How are you doing today sir. You know this is my work phone right. I don't have time for you to be calling and harassing me. Withstands extreme heat. This is mr michael oppenheimer with the glove. Did you know that the of glove has he five fingered flex grip and makes everything from so attain to scrambling very easy. I don't care what it has. I want you to stop calling my phone. How do i get that to happen. Earlier is made of soft double knit cotton and his machine washable made up. I don't want you to stop calling my phone. So if you get your glove dirty you can wash basin. You're no circling. can you stick it on your own. Also protects two fingers from getting grilled during the barbecue season. Just eighteen dollars ninety five cents today sir. I want you to stop calling my phone. Did you know that if you ordered one now we'll give you the second one absolutely free for your other hand. We keep getting disconnected. This is mr michael oppenheimer with the glove. Piping hot pants and sizzling skills can create danger in the kitchen. Now you can protect yourself from burns while creating a culinary minutes outta cooking and whipping up. You know like that. How about yourself. What kind of cooking you do. I do all kinds of cooking like grilling barbecuing speaking. I took time. I cook all kinds of bake bake brownies and cousin. Don't you hate when you removing muffins from the oven. And you burn your hand and the panfuls on the floor and the muffin that don't you hate when you touch a hot stove. Accidentally of gloves got you covered all the time. I got my hand on the finer. Well the of glove is nonflammable. Stick your hands in all kinds of fires with the glove. Anything's possible amazing. So let me sign you up right now. Can i send you three. We got to go inside of gloves for a friend. I want to know about this. Did you know the glove is made from. Kevlar roy jaguars so people can buy. Shoot my beds. And i'll be right to see material that firefighters use in fighting fires. Amazing i can say you can wear the of glove while you're singing out that sir sir. Thirty dancing right. It's a great movie now. The of glove resembles the same glove. That michael jackson used to wear in the nineteen eighties. Must like that. yes sold out. You sold on the fact that you've been tapped. Hey jason yes. My name is scary. Jones with elvis duran in the morning. Show crab your sister is playing a phone tap on you. I'm gonna batty. Let me tell you not at all. Okay well thank you scary for that very old school phone tap. Right mr winkle. Yeah anyway. We have a unin tire week of one thousand dollars. Pre money phone taps. Thanks a friend friends a smart mouth. line to craig. Let's change craig's day shall we. Hey craig yes. Hello you just one one thousand dollars. That's awesome man. It's a thousand more than you had ago. Isn't that wild. You just wake up not knowing what the day's gonna bring you. Oh well just brought you a thousand dollars. God knows what what's next very. What are you doing today. cragg what do you do. I work as a service border at a local auto dealership. There you go. I like how you only told the story. Thanks thanks for what you do and thanks for listening to us every day crag and we're going to send you that thousand dollars. Oh thank you. We'll take you very awesome. Hold on one second one second in face to smart mouth only twice a day. You rinse it out your breath. Oh my god you'll be known for having the cleanest breath in your neighborhood. Congratulations to craig. And maybe you'll win tomorrow another thousand dollars and the on the way. Thanks smart mouth With that said daniels report on the way next week you have coming up daniel. We thought we were going to get a new jeopardy host. We have a little controversy going home. Now you know all right. We'll find out that also Froggy saw the luke bryan bio-pic right is called dirt road diary or two so good. Oh we got to hear about that. A lot coming up after this tax fifty. Five one hundred. There's one here that says. I have sex with my girlfriend's mom more than my girlfriend. Exterior data rates apply text. They'll be in the morning show orange. What gandhi clearly in skype seats and he looked at the clock and there was about ten seconds left for her to get back he busted through that door like the kool aid man with a bag cereal and all i could hear was cellophane heavy breathing and footsteps. I know i see you on the zoom your hand jamming that box of cereal. But it's the end of the cereal box away with the renault is gonna eat it after you handle over. I know it's so funny. How that that's a lot of cereal in. He'll finish that so that's the thing scary. When he starts eating his brain turns off and forget. There's a clock ticking and we're live on a live radio show on. I thought this was the my time in. My head is all related. What's going on with time. Always feeding your face should be secondary. Don't you think. Well imagine my surprise when i walked in. I saw the the clock counting eleven. Ten gun is watching. You run end anyway. I'm glad you made about you know by the skinny. Your teeth is they say people always ask what those little clocks and timers behind me. They see an older. They mean nothing. You don't watch.

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