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Include Pflueger Ville ISD and while ACC. At that time was willing to commit to us that they would build a workforce, center it wasn't good enough TIMMY Smith who, chairs, Pflueger Ville friends for ACC tried again this year we made sure that before we did the petition drive that. We actually got a commitment. Of survival commit from ACC that they did intend to build a campus here that. Was, important to our. Community it would be the first annexation to happen. Since. Twenty ten yeah that's it's been a long time Pflueger fills? The, last of. The communities in. The area that do not have an ACC campus to give, it a college. Management is is is one of. The. Best, in the. Nation they tend to. Do a very good job of picking locations and financing they do a really good They did a great job with the old Highland mall. Yes I mean we could go on and on just just good choices very impressive local community college there's no doubt about it I'm sure that they are a a model for many others in the. Country now the mayor Pflueger Ville says this would be. A. Great, asset for the community we are. The last area in Travis county that is not in his face this annexation area currently calls it a workforce. Innovation campus slash center which, doesn't cut it for the block if they. Refuse to commit to building a campus for us a full service college. Campus prior to the election You're going to? Start, to see the opposition but ACC. Says the discussion about what the campus or center would. Look. Like will, happen later once this goes to the ballot and passes. And we're, an axe then. They work with our community. To make sure that that campus marriage but our communities SEC's board will decide. Whether, to bring annexation to vote LeBlanc is hoping his neighbors share their thoughts with. ABC officials before then Elissa Gord CAC San new all right so there you. Go flu voters how do you feel about this are you ready, to join the Austin community college family. And paying a little bit more in property taxes or do you say no we don't need this right now You gotta assume that there are, a lot of people. In Florida villa Goethe ACC and think of the the cost savings that this would mean for so many. People you got to step back and look at a much bigger picture than just paying taxes. For a school that you're not going to that a lot of, young to go to you got to look at the beneficial it helps. The most are those parents who currently have a kid in high school. In Pflueger vill because they can take ACC courses college credit this it's a life changing you're listening. To the. Best of Todd and Don on. NewsRadio KLBJ hey everybody Todd Jeffries?.

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