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Show. This is Dr Tom Maronick again tonight, a lot of things to talk about. We want to talk about the Republican National Convention. And Trump's clip promises unbelievable things he promises, which they just can't happen won't happen. We also want to talk about the latest thing that came out tonight. White House has told the intelligence committed the national director of national intelligence not to brief the House and Senate Committee intelligence committees on Russian interference. He says it be leaks, he says, the American people really basically saying the American people have to trust him when he says that there's no Russian interference. It's just incredible. Also want to talk about Trump's up. Some of these other plans de funding Social Security, but doesn't claim that that that's what it is all of that stuff. Your thoughts. My thoughts on the Tom Moore Show for 1092266. Thiss is talk Radio 6 80 Wcbm Get ready for the real deal. Baltimore Time now for the Tom or show your back to Tom Moore show before we get into issues. I want to just pay just a moment. Tio note passing of.

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