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You're then you're saying, hey, I live in a world in which syphilis exists. And if I behave certain way, syphilis is what happens to my body. You know some of these cases to see individuals where they they, they, they're almost happy when they finally catch syphilis because it means it if nothing else, it means they don't have to worry about catching syphilis anymore. You know, they're, they're, they're no longer living in the shadow of syphilis, but within the dark of syphilis. And you can see where there might be a certain amount of empowerment. They are certainly if you have to latch onto something, you might as well add onto that. Although, again, you have to be in a really specific social position to Jim that and you'd have to be a male for certain DOE. Yes, indeed. Now, if you had the money, the wherewithal in you. Did not want to wear a fake nose, or you weren't ready to come out to the world that had syphilis than you would try a kind of nasal reconstruction, which in the sixteenth century was called the Indian method, and this involved cutting a no sized section of skin from the forehead. So there's again another calling card or hallmark that you have the disease because your nose looks great, but you got to patch skin. Bigwig. That's true. That's true. Do you have a nice wig, but they take that skin from the forehead and they would attach it to the bridge of the nose to maintain a study blood supply. And then that flap was twisted into place in stone over the damaged area which kinda created a replacement nose. But again, it wasn't perfect in, you know, really cold weather. It would not turn the same color as the rest of your nose who there were certain telltale signs that it it may look like Intech knows, but it is not your perhaps knows that you were born with, but it turns out there's a better in perhaps more horrific way to take a stab at plastic surgery or early plastic surgery, what it is tempting to say. It's ridic- but it. But in another way, it's kind of beautiful and he gets it how Malia bore flesh really is because, again, modern plastic surgery. The plastic is referring to the plasticity of the flesh. That you can craft flesh into a form, and actually this method did and does informed plastic surgeons about how skin grows and how you can molded and sculpted. So yeah, in this we see the sixteenth century advent of the talian method to to picture this. If you don't have an image of it in front of you, and and if you're not driving a car doing anything where you need your hands place, place your your palm of your hand, kind of on your forehead. Okay. And then allow your nose to to touch your arm. That is basically the position where the surgeon would would lock your arm into place. There'd be like a head vice type scenario going on so that you could not move your arm away. You cannot move your the the Fleischer arm away from the Fleischer face. And then that's where you perform the the, the skin graft. You walk a pentacle flash, you sort of cut it away from the forearm needs stitched into place where the nose should be employed. Of the nose eve lost to syphilis or duels or what have you. And then that's held in place while the the, the grafted skin grows onto the face..

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