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The immune system that we usually use only when fighting off a vitamin fiction award fighting off a tumour who's called the interferon response interference of molecules that our cells produce when they have been infected with the virus to alert the neighboring cells in the immune system that they survived is the can also be produced in response to the presence of a small tumour and then that alerts the immune system to come to the side and start attacking either the vital infected sale or the incipient tumor still sadat is always on in people with on syndrome that's no good immune system you should be led the national guard inner being quietly in times when he's not needed then have been deployed only in on a case of emergency and then be coming back to the barracks when you have the new system costea today the iraqi becoming to programs like an attack of the self and that's why people within syndrome have so many will team conditions when the immune system attacks attacks in the fight or you can have hypothyroidism reitox the i'm chris you've got type one diabetes when eat attacks your hair follicles sills you can have all the b share yaitah a loss of her she's very prevalent people with down's syndrome you're gonna have attack of your pigment pretty soon celts in the scheme that leads to be liable all conditions that we see more off in people's at syndrome solve coming back to your initial question come we learned from these about casino therapy yes what we sin in people with on seemed him is that they have elevated numbers of the cells in the immune system that attacked to mars on this episode of the immune system that are too much when they are successful have been tumors fool prevent that attack what catching you know therapy thus unblock those restraints up the immune system to the immune cells can calling an attack include a tumor so the.

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