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Relief for the relief of minor aches and pains. Temporary support for the relief of minor aches and pains. And you can't do better than that. Three weeks starter. Pack nineteen ninety-five. And if you won't want to live and million ways over there are you can do what you want them. Back in there to cat. Stevens day on the hugh hewitt show nine thousand ten thousand word story on cat stevens in the washington. Post this morning the meaning of cat. David drucker is with the washington examiner. You can follow him on twitter davidmdrucker. He is the author of the forthcoming in trump's shadow. The battle for twenty twenty four in the future of the gop which drops in twenty eight days on october the nineteenth. I believe in my right about that. Davidmdrucker in trump shadow on october nineteenth. You're right about that you so i'm going to be giving you the casual aside mentioned in a washington post column that about books that i we'll read about trumpers that i won't one of them in trump shadow because you actually know what you're writing about his cat stevens in your book. No i now wish. I thought better of it because i've always been a fan of his music and i still have this memory from grad trip. I did when i was eighteen. Where one of his songs is playing over. the over. The speaker in a restaurant works for me and my two buddies and nobody else in the restaurant. And it's just like mark my brain. Well i must say people certain. You're a little bit young for this. But as i as i introduced people to the idea. Imagine my surprise. When i go through my morning discipline. Which at times of israel financial times the telegraph the wall street journal the washington post new york times just to make sure nothing. Going up pops. Ten thousand words on the meaning of cats thieving the meanings of us up. That's his name is missile named why. Us you up cat stevens. What what he's back. And i mean this is like this is a real throwback right. Yeah if you if you live long enough if you're lucky enough to live long enough you will see just about everything and things that were long gone. We'll come back around cat. Stevens is back now. I want to talk about in trump shadow because the column today is about books. I reading books. I don't read having to trump. Could my professional obligation requires me to read. George world book andrew sullivan book. Jesse mccarthy's book. I got lots of books to read. I'm always reading. So i can't this flood of trump books. And i mentioned to that. I will be reading one by jonathan karl from abc and david drucker and trump shot. Because both you and karl actually have sources in trump world. What is in trump's shadow going to be about david. It's going to be the future..

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