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Either at some point in season two or season three or at the cross progression launch, they're going to have this blow with a whole bunch of different stuff on there and guess what that's going to really move units and really it not not a gross way really You know push sales for media tonic, which, of course, you want to see the developers awarded for their works right now you figure they got a flat. They got a big old check from playstation to put this on playstation plus granted is still selling a PC, but you already got that money on lock. What do you do? You really need to be driving home how great the Games right now with more and more stuff in more and more things or do you sit there keep making the game, keep having it run keep doing the season two but keep listening in learning in figuring out and working on cool costumes and working cool things shortened seasons giving you more to do and Yadda Yadda Yadda so that when you go hey guys, it's fog is two point now where it's like we're along with the with giant update we're doing we're kinda changing everything. There's GONNA be a ton more games. There's GonNa be a ton more. Going to be more players because we're on everything now, like you do that in this are charging at the same time. I think you're going to be a really good spot I I, think the big question is season two. What are their plans for the down the line they have plans for further down line of seasons you and then yeah, what does season three look like and what are the big moves they make their? I've been playing a lot of rocket league recently just to see how yeah freedom plays change things or if his change things or what the game looks like. Now because it's been, it's been quite a while since I was super into rocket league and. Playing Rocky League last night I was really impressed by one is obviously still the same game like they're not. Really. Go in there and dynamically. Like change how the Game Works But in the small ways that yeah, the way in which the rocket pass is integrated fuels smart and feels like obviously like they're taking a note from fortnight in terms of how implemented it make it feel like a satisfying grind to through the levels but the way they do that the way that like when you first put up the game, you're automatically put into a match and it is this twenty-second tutorials sequence of Hey, this is you jump Hey, this is. II boost. Hey, do this all right have fun playing the game and the way that it feels the the way that they've maneuvered with that game in order to take advantage of whatever the market is for that game I think has been really smart and like is really commendable because yeah like Rocky League is a game that came out in twenty fifteen. I want to say on PS plus for free or I guess paid with PS plus if you pay for PS plus. You know if you're if you're on playstation, you have that you can get rockabilly for free, which was super smart for them and them to blow up in a way that I think what blown up regardless but being played allow them to blow up in a way bigger than I think they would've you even imagined and from there they've been killing it with putting their game on different consoles fighting for cross play, doing all these different things and this latest move with pushing towards free to play. It's the latest example of them listening and understanding how to maneuver and how to take full advantage of where that game at this point in time and how to cater to that. Audience in this point in time and how to continue to continue to push for getting the most players in that thing, and right now we're seeing the highest concurrent players in that rockies ever seen fall guys I. Hope Does the same thing again, like smaller developer like it they don't have the epic money they don't have backing, and so obviously, they can't maneuver in the way that we've seen at night and rocky league in these other huge gigantic successes maneuver. But I do hope they get to that point to where they can go i. what is the best for fog is right now? Okay. Cool. Let's let's make that shift. Let's get people in. Let's make these updates. Let let's build consistent. Progression, system to to give people that satisfying experience like that's what I want from fog as. Agreed. On number two on the Roper report NHL Ninety four rewind Israel of course, this had leaked oil back through some ratings and stuff. Now, we have actual details. Of course. Of course, I'm reading from the XBOX newswire where she put up a statement they're put up a post about it there. However, this applies to playstation as well. While hockey video game fans await the worldwide launch of EA. Sports NHL. Twenty one on October Fifteenth Sorry Doc Tober Fifteenth EA sports has announced another all new NHL game. Well, not exactly all new players who preorder NHL Twenty one from the Microsoft store or xbox in Greg Miller saying playstations well, also receive copy of NHL. Ninety, four rewind a game that uses the controls and graphics of the Classic Nhl? Ninety. Four combined with teams and rosters from the present day. NHL. The. Cover athlete of. Show twenty-one, one Alexander Ovechkin appears on the cover of initial ninety, four rewind to although an eight bit princess complete with missing Tooth Pixel he's just one of hundreds of players who will be transferred transported back in time with NHL Ninety four rewind last year's cover athlete Austin Matthews wouldn't be born until four years after release of the original. Shell Ninety four I am old any shell ninety four is often considered to be one of the most innovative best crafted in timeless sports games ever..

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