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Than four dollars a day and had been to Factories and kind of knew something about the production process and so the four of us got together And ended up creating or parker waller students. Wow that's impressive Number one you have a hell of background is no doubt about that. I mean you've pretty much traveled across the world You know great business. mindset Wharton i mean. That's you know top notch. I can't i can't lie. You know. I mean that's that's that's pretty impressive in you know to to build something with your friends. I mean i have some pretty incredible friends but a lot of them really knuckleheads. So i'm trying to figure out. How did you pick these two other colleagues to to really want to make this Business take place because you know friendship in businesses. Sometimes those two things. Don't go hand in hand. So i know that was probably a difficult decision to make or was it not a difficult decision to make me. Let's let's talk a little bit about that because that's the piece that you know people don't really talk about in business. I know i trust my wife. I trust my my mother my father my family but when it comes to business sometimes it can be a little difficult finding the right people to help create that dream and that vision come the place to be difficult so if your mind just maybe thompson on that a little bit to start. I didn't say we weren't Chuckle hits but You feel incredibly fortunate to have met my co-founders we were friends at school Before we started the business and we made a commitment to one another that our friendship and treating each other with integrity was more important than the success of the business and And we've really stay true to the to that principle and what we've certainly Starting a business places strain on any type of relationships and There have been difficult moments in conversations But to this day all four of us are still Best friends we vacationed together. We probably spend way too much time together. And i think we were able to achieve that because we went in eyes wide open. We got a lot of advice from other people who had started companies that Told us don't start a company with friends. You're gonna end up eating each other suing each other definitely. Don't start a company with four people That's way too many Too many cooks in the kitchen. And we said you know this is gonna be Challenging but we're all super passionate about creating value base business all our values were aligned. All our goals were aligned And we recognize that All four of us may not stay with the business Forever and so from day one even before we had launched anything we set up a vesting schedule with the equity of the company so that If someone left for whatever reason That they got credit for time served. They were able to maintain the ownership that They helped produce a but we want to get into contentious conversation at the point when someone was leaving around how much value they created. And how much should be divvied up We got established rules of the road ahead of time before those challenging conversations occurred and then we gave each other tons of feedback Even when it was just the four of us We would go to our local bar and we put one of us in the hot seat and we do a.

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