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Up shop on a first come first served basis at the crane center at 22 O one G street northwest. They'll be there from 9 30 a.m. to 4 p.m., the volunteers have been trained and have passed an IRS certification test, one thing they had to learn how to sort out all the comings and goings when it comes to student loan debt. Yeah, Walter's WTO P news. A teenager was shot and killed by a U.S. park police officer yesterday morning after he allegedly dragged another officer with a stolen car while fleeing the scene. U.S. park police say officers were assisting D.C. police with a stolen car case in the area of 34th in baker street in northeast around 8 50 a.m., the officers attempted to arrest the driver, identified by family members to our partners at NBC four news at news sport rather as 17 year old Delano Martin, police say one officer was trapped in the vehicle and was unable to get out of the car after a struggle that officer shot the driver, the car then crashed into a house, a few blocks away, the two officers sustained a non life threatening injury, D.C. police are investigating the shooting. And coming up after traffic and weather if you're looking to travel, well, we are going to have a peek at some of the best airfare prices, it's 9 O 8. Michael and sons peting tune up for only $59. Traffic and weather on the 8s let's find out the road situation with Mary de pampa. Alrighty, thanks, Liz, and always thanks to WTO P listeners. There are eyes on the road. If you're three 95, southwest freeway, leaving the district. You round the curve after main avenue hitting the brakes going across the case bridge. Our friend Ron says the crash is right at exit two for Potomac park park police headquarters exit two. Single file left gets you past the accident, so not affecting the exit for the express lane or HOV bridge, but the ramp exit two to park headquarters that ramp remains blocked. It's only only a single left lane is getting by this crash. You're back to speed going across the 14th street bridge beyond here and three 95 Arlington through Springfield 95 all the way to Fredericksburg at speed the other note was south on 95. It's closer to the Purple Heart bridge of the alkaline. We have a disabled vehicle along the right side unclear of help with this, watch for flashing lights on the right, and beyond here, you're moving pretty well all the way to Fredericksburg, no major delays happening. We'll continue on the Virginia side checking 66 same from front royal all the way into roslyn without incident. The beltway runs well, both in Virginia and in Maryland. Now, in aqua Quan, one 23 south of the river, right at commerce street, that's the new crash, watch for response both ways. On the Maryland side, moving well on your big roads in inside the beltway and Bethesda watch for traffic control, Arlington road Wilson lane near Bethesda elementary. This is due to increased pedestrian traffic at the Bethesda central farm market, married to pump a WTO traffic. Here's storm team four's Ryan Miller. Really cold start to your Sunday. We'll see plenty of sunshine will also see some really gusty winds

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