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Marshall service had come through areas before days before and cleaned it up In addition to painting the walls are having them painted Some inmates disclose that when they arrived in the area that says we're crawling with rats and bed bugs They're air circulation and in a virtual cells are so minimal that human feces and other smells begin to fester and pollute the air But the physical conditions of the area were just the start inmates were only allowed out of their cells for 5 hours a day a small mercy Proud of this relative freedom Inmates were kept in their cells similar to the maximum security inmates 23 and one 23 hours in the cell one hour out 22 and two 21 in the south three out One inmate who'd been detained since February 3rd explained that he had been subjected to 23 and one for four months followed by two months of 22 and two Now this inmate stated that he had gone through 200 days of solitary confinement This type of treatment is being used against inmates who are all pretrial They haven't been convicted of anything Despite remaining innocent until proven guilty under the law the January 6th inmates are allowed few if any basic human needs For example to supplement their lack of nutrition from the jail inmates must buy food from the commissary with their own money limited to once a week with a maximum of a $125 Inmates can not receive a haircut unless they are vaccinated They can not receive communion without being vaccinated.

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