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So there's major courtships with at and t the pre singular merger at t disney that they went hard at disney but apparently michael eisner was a hard no and the quote i think this is from swisher his book one of the guys says we all knew we were living on borrowed time and we had to buy something of substance by using that huge currency we didn't use the term bubble but we did talk about a coming nuclear winter well one of their problems is that they also know that dial up is a limited technology that's going to be eclipsed by broadband again they're not stupid as much as they're not maybe you know a silicon valley company huge technologist they know that broadband is coming either through dsl which people thought would be a thing of the time but mainly cable modems so but a lot of thinking went into we should get a cable company were that's probably why they were talking to at t at t had acela at the time another quote from cares wishers book is an anonymous a o l guy says cable was the driver of everything without it no deal made sense so time warner is the biggest of the media company's at this point in time also they have a little thing called time warner cable so if steve case doesn't want to do an internet tie up he wants to something that has more substance no one's going to believe if they decide they're going to buy an oil company or something like that though they could've they had the the the market captive basically buy anything at that point so what he believes is is time warner has the content and remember they spent a decade believing that content was the thing that would make it online become mainstream become a thing and so it's you know content is key how many times have we heard that over the decades.

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