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And that's it. So if they do go to thirteen. Pitchers which most teams are doing. It's just going to be a matter of dollars and cents in what he can do in spring to try to beat out CJ Crone who, you know, signed a five million dollar four point eight million dollar deal with the twins arbitration. Which of course, means it's not fully guaranteed. So I mean, he would really have to take big strides since Austin's ought of options, as you know, the twins would have to make him a valuable put him on waivers for any team to claim. So it's it's hard to envision him getting a ton of bath. But if he does there's thirty home run power potential in his bat. Yeah. Saying that there is that potential. He's got Greg Burke syndrome, where just can't stay healthy. And that's one of the biggest problems there. Second base guy that you know, was quietly one of the better second base in the American League past few years with your oriole's what over to Milwaukee to trade really did not too. Well, I thought it was one of the better signings of. The off season. I thought a lot of team could a used him especially contending James Johnson scope twenty seven years old on one year deal making seven point five, which is not a lot in baseball. The one year deal makes it great. He's your opening day. Second baseman, your everyday second basement. Is he going to bounce back and be the two seventy to eighty guy with twenty plus home runs? I think he is. But do twins fans. And kinda you know writers, and you guys think that he's gonna bounce back. You think he's gonna be more? They to fifty six that's the big question. I mean, he received envy people it's two years ago and in his twenties twenty five home run type of guy last year. He was injured he fought the the oblique thing most of the year than simply didn't go well once again to Milwaukee, but as you mentioned, he's only twenty seven years old. And I think that's something that gives the twins front office. A lot of hope and for me. I love this signing it seems very low risk. But. Essentially high reward. I mean again if he can be a good second baseman defensively hit twenty to twenty five home runs. His key will really be trying to find ways to get on base..

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