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Net. It's like we're gonna be seeing some rain around as we go through the evening hours. We've got a winter weather advisory for Northwest corner of Jersey Till 10 p.m. this evening. This point, maybe up to a quarter inch of ice in those areas Rest of the state. Just some rain around through tonight, I will sleep mix temperatures rising into the upper thirties is warm air pours in from the south in several places. Rain ending as we have through Saturday, clearing friend taking place eyes in the fifties but upper forties north from the Edison heating and cooling weather desk. I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeau. I would actually rather see snow than freezing rain or sleet. But that's just me. Patterson 36. Camden 43 Big difference. Berkley Heights, 42. Bash traffic and instant weather every 15 minutes on New Jersey one on 1.5. You know one boy. Get in. One still is not free. Thomas a thief,.

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