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Would be best people to help. So any advice would be massively. Appreciated sophie in manchester here. Does this remind you of you. he's about for this you. I don't take sachets. I even before. I've tried my mail. I put out soltan downer. Yeah i would say from netscape point of view you with ethnic. Try your food before you season it because he could be overseas and could be making it worse or it's under seasoned and you need to put more on or it's perfectly seasoned. No pinch more donor sophea. So he's not. Brian sandwiches sandwiches. Fine right first of all was jim. Let's get we saw. You're saying if you go on someone's house so you restaurant you try the food. I absolutely and it's perfectly fine to us for best sell well in in a restaurant. Yes because it's a commercial operations ultimately if you all paying and you want something that's fine may be weird but it's fine salts not that weird in the grand scheme of things in a private house how you come around to someone's house if you can't and this goes for catch up mayonnaise so he saw salt pepa whichever if you can't see it you don't ask for it so if you can see it somewhere on the table or even on the side fine you can ask for it but if you can't see it you don't ask for it. I'm sure i for catch when you met champ lake bait creek no record on again green tremblay. We'll sit called us. Great lamb trae back creek. Glum trae break. Greek lamb trae greet lump trae. Yes i'm showing us for sauce. Probably ten we have it in though. I genuinely if you came now today. I don't think we have catch up in the house but not because we have version to just not say square williams house. Mike you at rhonda gold lopo. We mainly made it through the upset with an impression. Never mind so now. I say i don't think you can take out a sachet of anything at someone's house. That's that's quite rude. I would just if you can't see it. Don't offer and try and educate your palate into other flavors. Maybe they if they're offering mustard for example. Trimesters you might serve me love mustard. That said the first time drink coffee. I absolutely hated it but these are used to cyp gently new sort of introduce it. You'll patterson now. I'm i'm addicted to that or do what jillian library. She puts salt and pepper to a not her actress. Mckay she stitched into a necas stuff. J. yeah she called down. Because you know you've got just say salt and pepper made such a difference when you have got it because in that we didn't have any of his his. Everything's just blonde gonna shut up. I hope that helps. She has actually put here by the way. If you know anyone selling spare ticket for the manchester show please send my way. We'll because we've changed venues because of the diary change we've consciously big venue and there are a few more tickets on sale safey so if you need to go onto the website sex in my poster com slash live and And probably get yourself one. What do what do doing manchester. We aren't doing the academy which that no idea one thousand one hundred. Thanks very much william harrison. Thank you very much Gotten searched today remember. Thank you very much children off..

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