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Imagining mike and star wars like luke skywalker his house at that the big little don tatta made of that yeah on tattoo he made that it look like sand so yes like making like a sando yet so you need something like that uh because again you know like when we went to the moon the lunar lander was i forget put it all i as i recall like paperthin ray thicket wasn't a long duration uh or they weren't said they were planning on staying there for a long time say on mars if you're going to stay there for like a year and a half um which is generally mission architecture says about six months a trip to mars to get to mars a year and a half on the surface six months back so if you're going to spend a year and a half on the surface of mars you need to do something to shield yourself from radiation when she get there definitely so um in the moving the marsh and there was a severe duststorm yes i understand that's when really happen correct show and this is so i i gotta say though because it no not a knock against anywhere at all when he was at jesse a couple years ago uh he gave a presentation and and said okay before you guys ask any questions i know that they die storm was in real estate used brought it very nervous about his audience he's like the as no i associate said you know uh i wanted to write a book about kind of like robinson caruso on mars and i had to do something to get him strand there right so the dust storm is not realistic because mars as atmospheric pressure again is less than 1 percent of the earth a earth's atmospheric pressure so even when you have very fast wins they're not very strong so you could have like a 100 mile an hour gusts and it'll feel like less of a less than ten mile an hour wind on the surface.

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