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So I think he would go anywhere, but I do. I do give him credit for the fat. He's not Kevin Durant. He's not. I'm gonna. I wanna go where I'm guaranteed to win. He wants to go somewhere where he can be foundational piece for a franchise. That's why they can I tell you what? What to look out for? Yeah. Or Jimmy Butler from. Tom ball, Texas, right? Keep an eye out for that, shark Darryl more Darrow. Maury, Daryl might just play with those play the Rams game, get him in there for one year and go for it. That's interesting. Keep an eye out for that. I'm going to, but I think he'll be a clipper by the start of the season, maybe. So you think this line, this story is complete posturing by the wolves? Yeah, it's it's trying to milk one of those three teams for more than they're willing to give up now that the trade that got floated around that that you liked. When you brought to bias Harris, Jerome Robinson, who they just drafted and Patrick, Patrick Beverley whose name I always block on those those three for Jimmy Butler you. That's a deal for both teams. Good deal for both. Yeah, Beverly can play. He would give them minutes. Tobias Harris really good. And if you're Robinson turns into something good for them. Yeah. Thirteenth pick in the draft. Yeah, Jerry West like something about. Well, that'll be that'll be fascinated the moment, though. They are rebuffing. Is that right? Yep. Rebuffing sure. Offers for Jimmy Butler for the time being. Thank so come to the the guys who takeover after us are going to take over from the Coliseum. So I think it's Travis and Chris HALE. Right. Is Travis and Chris sale? No, it's Andy Chemerinsky and Chris HALE Andy, stewing IRA USC pre-game what's Travis has trips during the Rams travis's doing the Rams I guess I took. So Andy and Chris are at the Coliseum, join us, man. They're going to bring us the flavor of the Coliseum. I'm particularly interested in talking to Chris because he played at USC and he could better answer the question. You asked me about half an hour ago, which is if they drop to one in three, was that mean for clay that scares, I will get into that come Nason Ireland ESPN LA hey, it's Friday. Big, big weekend. We've got records early Rams versus chargers on Sunday. That's one o'clock kick-off at the Coliseum. The l. AFC is home tomorrow. I'm going to that game. That'll be fun. I've never been to that place a heritz. Fantastic. Do you know that Mario Ruis produces. L. AFC football ESPN LA I don't think that's true. I believe we would know about it. I've heard tonight. We've got the the showdown between the Cougars and my USC Trojans, but I. Microphone chess who's filling in for Jay Corrales today has just finished all seven seasons of game of thrones in two weeks that is seventy hours of television in two touted. You find that much time to watch him throw. I whole world all around game of thrones give me a typical day. I wake up in the morning probably watch two or three episodes before I came here. Okay. And then when I got off, go home, I watched like three or four episodes infamously. It's unreal. So if that's if you watch a seven episodes day. Yep, then that would be, you know, fifty five. Maybe you know, sometimes I fall asleep in in, we watched episodes. I fell asleep. All right. So I have some basic questions for you. Okay. Off top my head. Worst guy ever Joffrey Ramsay Bolton. Joffrey man. No disagree. I think Ramsay Bolton was the worst guy ever. Was an entitled punk, but he really didn't know any better. Ramsey was just evil. Mason you you, you think on the evil scale, you think Joffrey is higher than Ramsay? Bolton, I hate Joffrey more that the Ondo really messed up though. Right? Right. When you think theon, you're like, oh, man, what he did this sons was, what did you do every woman? You know what? I think Joffrey didn't do to women with Ramsey Jeffries an all time. Top ten Dylan Ramsey killed his dad. Yeah, I will never forget. I will never forgive him for and everytime became on screen. I just hated Joffrey. I just hated Joffrey stopper. Kill sons as dad, right in front of Rite, Aid front of her and then put his head on a spike. Yeah. So. Next question find. All right..

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