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Here's your host and emcee scott at words. Hey everybody welcome back to another episode. This is a bonus episode. An audience of one in this one's a little bit different instead of doing jokes or telling a story. I'm going to do a short interview with our famed master of all the arts. That's right ladies and gentlemen. It's bob worley. Thank you bob. It's great to have you back on the show. We've had such an exciting journey we Started back in december of twenty twenty. And i gotta tell you. You are a man of many talents. Well we all know that drill that we all survive it journey together. I think you hit a keyword there. It's great that you survived. You had several injuries through all these experiences. Let's see fell off the top rope and you got locked a box in my mind if you don't get hurt you're not flying in juggling. You smashed your big toe. Let's catch the audience ups over the last I don't know eight months or so eight ten months Bob has tried all the various art forms. It started in december of twenty twenty. You were a mime How did you conceive of being a mind. are you a fan of miming. I actually. I'm a fan of mining. I marcel marceau about six or seven times throughout my lifetime. So yeah and i used to practice a little bit of mine. Although i'm not very good at it it's better if i could actually actually cried. What i was doing. People really seem to enjoy well. It's true that an improv. They want you to learn a little bit of mind because it's all about being able to express yourself without voice in in theater. That's a real important thing but it was exciting to have you on the show as a mime. Although you did get locked in the box and couldn't get out we should mention that. Your co stars your lovely daughter lee san who was part of most of the shows It must have been thrilling for her. Poor you.

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