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Unfortunately we get caught in the crossfire. Gotcha okay that makes sense And I feel like now like a pretty good understanding of what foreign how to know. If you might have any of these issues going on your home I love to switch gears and really talk about what to do for your health if you do find it because like I said I know this is an issue. It's a huge where I live And honestly some of the symptoms that you mentioned sound like the response to like I mean he does. He's or Had several guests on to talk about breast implant illness and how the bodies like mounting in the Munich response so I'm curious to understand on a physiological level like what is is happening in the body when we have mold exposure. Oh that's a great question so the micro-toxins can do so many different things in our bodies they can directly damage Tana they can influence our DNA behaves they can damage the The so members on the Mitochondria and then they can really injure or liver and Kidney And then also affect your immune system they suppress immune system to be able to keep our own microbiome in check doc and to fight off infection and even affect how well our bodies keep cancer at bay since we all have abnormal cells is that were producing all the time so depending on the particular mycotoxin it can do so many different negative things my opinion now. Now that I've seen more and more of this mycotoxin illnesses that the ideal thing would be that it be part of a screening that we do on a regular basis because we can and check the micro-toxins in our our urine three two different companies realtime lab in Great Plains so if we have an uptick in the amount of Mycotoxin then we go look for the source as that in our car is at her home is in our office or school or is it in the food that we're eating so that we can make.

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