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Again are reaching into their pockets pay for supplies in the classroom the economic policy institutes analysis have national center for education statistics piston data finds oregon teachers spent four hundred sixty three dollars of their own money on supplies for the two thousand eleven school year compared with the national average of four hundred fifty nine dollars dollars that might seem like a post recession spike but the national average was actually up by the two thousand fifteen school year to four hundred eighty dollars state averages weren't weren't available for that year economic policy institute economist immigrants cea says this is a unique burden if you think any other profession how normal is hate eight that you have to go to work with your own materials i mean this case it's not just for them it's for these children the analysis finds the average spending at high poverty schools was five hundred twenty three dollars compared with four hundred thirty four dollars at low poverty schools and finally our dan hyman reports for school back in doctors are saying your mom is right time to turn off the phone get to bed because you really do need a good night's sleep dr simone fair you're on a cardiologists with data care point steam formation from the american heart association and others she says it shows that for their mental emotional and and fiscal health teams should turn the screens off well before bedtime laptop the TV the cellphones smartphones what i would recommend the mandate at least two hours before bedtime farren says research confirms what parents always say that foggy feeling you get without enough asleep means poorer learning worse decision making and long-term issues with physical health a lack of sleep old disrupt their thinking and emotions and could push up to take take chances they should i'm by clifford public service we are member and listener supported and.

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