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Mcdevitt, KYW NewsRadio at Chester county to the growing list of governments suing drugmakers over the opioid crisis. Commissioner his plan to go after two local companies as part of a federal lawsuit to be filed within the next month. KYWZ Bush has details from Westchester one hundred eight people died of an accidental drug overdose in Chester county last year alone. I can't believe I'm standing here. Death purrs buried her son. Brad just a few weeks ago died in my arms. I tried to resuscitate him to me. That's a gift are brought him into this life. And I was there when he died. The lawsuit will target cephlon in Fraser and Endo in Malvern county commissioners, chairwoman. Michelle kick line says the financial penalties they seek would support addiction education and recovery efforts. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors must shoulder a portion of that burden the civil suit also accuses opioid makers of deceptive marketing and failing to report suspicious wholesale purchases of their drugs in Westchester, Ian, Bush KYW NewsRadio neither company named by the commissioners has commented on the lawsuit project home will create forty two units of housing for people recovering from addiction and Kensington ground zero for Philadelphia's opioid epidemic. W city hall bureau chief Pat Loeb reports nonprofit celebrated the project with an event at the site. Practic term is built other recovery oriented housing, but the project at what used to be the Willard school is its first effort in Kensington district councilman Maria Colonia Sanchez says planning started nearly five years ago. Well before the neighborhood became a magnet for homeless addicts with the growth in the epidemic and the challenges it becomes even more important. And you Sanchez has vowed not to let the district become more overburdened with facilities that attract drug abusers. But she says this one is welcome repurposing, a vacant building of this magnitude and bringing it's a life with programming. Right. Are going to contribute to the spirit and the feel of this neighborhood. He event was to have marked the start of construction. But one final document is needed from HUD, said the federal shutdown forced to delay. Pat Loeb, KYW NewsRadio the house of representatives overwhelmingly voted to formally condemn white supremacy and white Nash. Journalism four twenty four the nays one. The resolution follows remarks made by Iowa Republican Steve king remarks deemed to be racist. But king says his comments were taken out of context and to drive home his point let's vote for this resolution. I'm putting up a yes on the board here because what you stay here is right in it's true. And it's just the only member of the house to vote against the resolution was democrat, Bobby rush. Who said he preferred more stringent punishment for king in the form of censure? Linda Kenyon, Capitol Hill. Several people are dead after a suspected terror attack in Kenya. Islamic extremist attacked a hotel in Kenya's capital of Nairobi, killing at least fifteen people, including an American CBS, Tina Krause has more from London. A car bomb burned outside the gate of the Nairobi hotel as explosions and gunfire crackled through the complex Kenyan security forces rushed people from the scene. Somalia's llamas. Militant group Al Shabaab is claiming responsibility for the tap al-shabaab is based in Somalia where the government has strongly condemned. The deadly attack in Kenya. Pam Coulter CBS news, it's ten twenty local restaurant works to keep up with the demand for its unique cheese steak that has now gone viral. I'm Justin Trudeau that's coming up in the next five minutes on K by w NewsRadio. What does building a better Bank? Look like it starts with building Capital, One cafes warm inviting.

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