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Meat is a carcinogen. Is a carcinogen. There's this whole half, you're like, oh, the barbecue, so good. And it's just like grilled meat covered and stuff. Yeah, sure. That's not do too much research. That's not pork. Speaking of, yeah. I mean, I smoke weed everyday, so I don't think I can get on a high horse about pulled pork. That's the real. The worst person in the world is the one who's I don't have an objection to the animals. I would love to eat more cow, but. You just boil it just have it boiled. I think roasted Turkey is my number three of smoked for all. Good, great. The only problem with the fried is what do you do? You get a gravy problem? Yeah. Fresh make gravy. Yeah, right. By separate Turkey parts, and then you're buying two or four turkeys. Well, I think I think if you're if you're doing thanksgiving, if you're hosting and you're frying Turkey, I think you need to have a roasted Turkey of backups. That's usually the two options. Maybe three, my friends, family. Oh, throw, fuck and ham on. They're not gonna complete a friend's family, deep fried Turkey for fourth of July, and they did it like the pot is like boiling oil. They dropped like sticks, you know, like people like people drop it in limbo, stick. Fucking cool. Is held a lot. I what's fun. I my, we bought one my family year like their fryer broke, and they tried to buy an air fryer for Turkey, which is a nightmare. It's just like flames around a Turkey. It's the worst thing in the world, and we couldn't get it hot enough because the wind was blowing, and that was like, all right. Let's just let's just go get another one. And we eat at eight PM. On the on Thanksgiving Day of trying to buy a Turkey that people stores like, are you going to fucking kidding? Turkey's left. Pies. We have is, but I need one for the ride. A little trafficky out there. I could take a pie to the dome on the run back. We are gearing up for we're getting right into my favorite season which is like this holiday heat, the worst. My wife and I host thanksgiving here, her family, her mom and dad fly out for it, and she really goes to town. She makes every dish and she, she's a very good cook and she likes to do it. The one thing she'll tell you that she doesn't have is speed. Yeah. Like it's like a process and she doesn't mind that she likes to sip wine, listen to podcasts or music and cook.

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