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The buffalo Grove center is expiring BMO Harris has been in buffalo Grove since nineteen eighty five WBBM news time twenty eight traffic and weather together on the aids here's Claire lane and Adam so we still doing its best to recover after earlier westbound crash passage prices are still pretty solid a from the tri city to least re because of but the crash is gone no crashes no delays on the evenings a killer the out fifteen of Montrose eight in the express thirty three to her mothers thirty six that's coming in from the airport twenty six coming in from the Edens about eyes number thirty five to Mannheim forty eight to three ninety a month forty two three ninety coming in twenty five from Mannheim credit only up on Stevenson forty six to three fifty five about just thirty two for veterans we were solid northbound fifty five Weber to route fifty three report of a crash there up on the end right is eighteen next traffic report to thirty eight news ready seven eighty one of five point nine FM cloudy day in Chicago land and cold it kind of feels like January is just around the corner our high today right about freezing overnight tonight a low of twenty six maybe a coating to an inch of snow overnight right now it's thirty degrees your top stories are next it's two twenty the story and then a Candlebox in the box phone in Seattle in nineteen ninety one that sits released six studio albums for success or lack of Madonna's maverick records they originally went by the name of god do they quickly changed Candlebox was inspired by the leaders from the Middle oils on two legs and ten mines quote on the way to we all stuff from running boxed in like candles if your call goes all news station news radio seven and one oh five point nine FM and WBBM newsradio dot com WBBM news time two thirty good afternoon I'm Cisco koto these are the top stories on newsradio WBBM Merrill Lightfoot addresses a new report about crime in the city Chicago police release their plan to keep people safe this.

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