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Search high heart radio for 580 wchs gil thanks for joining us today on frontlines of freedom years ago tom region with a regular on the show because you're a combat veterans shun wasn't prisoner in mexico while she's written a book about that ordeal and i've asked her to join us to discuss the book and to get everybody uptodate on what's going on because that was a horrible thing that she and her son and friends and family had to endure so walkabout different onto freedom journal thank you colonel allen thank you again for having me i appreciate it jill tell us the story about your son he was a combat veteran came back key me of the little bitter treatment from the va and he was going to get it that's how it all started right correct correct united states marine corps veteran served two tours of duty in afghanistan he was active duty from two thousand eight to two thousand two while and when he got out of active duty he you know trying to our readapted to civilian life had some difficulties and in two thousand thirteen headed out to california the san diego locally up veteran's administration there she get help with his post traumatic stress disorder he was definitely having symptom due out 2013 so we did the appropriate thing he sought treatment and lo and behold one night at ten thirty at night he literally nayef one wrong turn and with all of his possessions and this truck because he had not yet gone permanent housing there in san diego including his us legally purchased firearms he made a wrong turn and what's corrales into mexico into onto mexico's lay out unknowingly and without his interest and so he of course immediately let them know as he would be honest with any authority he let them know that he made a wrong turn he was hopeful that they help them get back you know turned around and.

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