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The forty trillion dollar financial sector in the United States, the government shutdown has entered its thirty fifth day and the Senate has rejected proposals from both President Trump and the Democrats aimed at ending the impasse. The White House has signaled that the president may be open to reopening agencies for three weeks. But only if opponents agree to a down payment on the wall. And if we also turned to the political situation in Venezuela veteran emerging market investors. Mark Mobius has said it could be interesting for investors. Speaking to Bloomberg Mobius said regime change would be key. Now, we're interested. I think there's a change a real change in government. Venezuela would be very very interesting. But you must remember this is all about oil. That was Mark. Mobias co-founder of Moebius capital partners. More details on the Venezuelan situation in world and national news in a moment. First, though, just some corporate headlines and Intel shares tumbled and extended trading after the company's fourth-quarter sales and profit missed estimates. Bloomberg's Emily Chang says forecasts for the current period also disappointed Intel's forecast revenue for twenty nine hundred fell. Well, short of the seventy three billion dollars analysts projected, it's due in part to the tapering off in spending by data center customers who are now working through accumulated inventory, instead of buying new components Intel CFO an interim CEO Bob swan also says the company's more cautious due to the slowing global economic growth amid possible impact of quote, geopolitical dynamics in San Francisco, I'm Emily Chang. Bloomberg daybreak Europe and the strain to decade marriage of Renault and Nissan is about to get a fresh start in an unexpected twist Nissan's CEO Hiroto. Oh, psycho has said that he too intense to step down. This ought to call is gone resigned. As chairman and CEO of rhino on Wednesday evening, more than two months after he was first jailed and Japan on allegations of financial misdeeds Sykora is planning to pass the baton in coming months after reforming the cult poor governance. He says weakened the Japanese comment Cam, let's get some more headlines now.

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