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Spell from the nineteen seventy three album guitar remar by Master Wilburn Bursch Shit Wilburn walser largely self taught guitarist than self taught mystic whose fascination with still called began around the age of twelve. He calls his music. IMPRIO- seeking to play music but emotions hearkening back to a pre-verbal age. And I hope you liked this dust as I hope you liked my talk with. I'll kiss systemic can degrade please do me a favor. Do Go to the website of scarlet. Imprint see what they produce eight is really worth it very the exciting books which are also love. He's just hold enhance and touched. But of course a very exciting read and very exciting to work with. Thanks I'll kiss this. Thanks Peter for all you do okay. France and listeners. Another show comes on the streets and of course you're all curious now about who will be our guest in next week's episode. Sure I will tell value there will be now a few returners to this show. meaning that some of the guests we will have the next couple of months some of them have. NFL radio appeared on the therms podcast earlier. And this is because they have released wonderful new works which we really need to talk about to I to come is Angel Millar. He was in November twenty seventeen so more than two years back and in our next show we will mainly but not exclusively talk about his new book. The three these stages of initiating spirituality which will appear actually only four days before the release of that new episode number seven with Angel. So you see your toss. Hermes podcast is really hot on the spot but for today we'll now do have to say goodbye. It was wonderful to have you as an audience. Do comment do communicate. Add to become a patron for now. I can only say daycare. Stay tuned Eh Uh Uh the..

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