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The crossroads of good old fashioned police work combined with improvements in technology prosecutor mark lindquist has now charged hartman with first degree rape and first degree murder in michelle is death and he says this new technology will lead to even more arrests today we're at a point where if you're a criminal and you've left your dna at the scene you might as well turn yourself in now we will catch you hartman will be arraigned on monday he's being held on five million dollars bail jeff pohjola komo news investigators in king county are now trying to figure out a police officer opened fire on a man in a car komo's zahn reports from normandy park has all went down around five o'clock this morning we're told an officer on patrol in this area he noticed a car that looks fishy tried to talk to the person inside i had a discussion for a while we're told that escalated at some point and then a shot was fired this is how neighbors describe what they heard i heard too many yelling and gunshots down that way but by the time i ran into all my clothes back on i just saw officers at long guns my wife she we were asleep and then she woke up and she is extremely agitated she said i heard chunk cash i can blast and screaming i asked her what direction she ended up the windows got up and walked in here would i assume was an officer yelling commands and someone that we're told that one person inside that car was hit in the shoulder with that one shot fired by normandy park police officer that person is at harborview right now actually under guard the officer not hurt in all of this as soon as we learn more about what exactly led up to this we'll let you know turns on komo news komo news time six ten sports in mariners baseball and beantown fenway park ten six the mariners in front top of the sixth inning here's the headline in this game so far mariner nelson cruz with seven runs batted in a pair of three run home runs and rbi single he's at the plate right now takes a ball low as he looks for what would be if he knocks one out here now with equal the club record for runs batted in in a game currently shared by alvin davis buddy mike blowers and mike cameron they share that mark it's not a bad a little group and he's on base hit single the left for four though for four tonight he's going to get more opportunities to break that record possibly so there you go the mariners in front they had a four nothing lead in the top of the first boston came right back descri five in the bottom of the first on wade leblanc has been outstanding this season so a wild night at fenway we'll see how things play out tonight at key arena when the storm take on indiana wnba action they'll tip off just about an hour from now traffic right around the corner komo news time is six eleven welcome to total wine and more boy gets all of this beer out of the way how about if i find a.

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