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Let's get to the undrafted jim for the colts yeah i've been a fan of sky more the linebacker from south carolina for a long time going back to his sophomore year he missed all of two thousand sixteen with a back injury so there is that medical concern that may be why he fell but when you look at this kid on film i think he you see a guy who's a little bit undersized but he's pretty tough coming downhill there times where he doesn't see things quite as fast as you'd like but as a guy who has really good is in zone coverage has got to make plays in space that's what this leagues all about now at the linebacker position and i think he can do that at a high level i think he's got a pretty good shot for a team that's pretty thin at the linebacker spot to make that team let's move onto the houston texans obviously they didn't have a lot of picks who did you think was their top pick they didn't have a lot of picks but i thought they did really well you look at justin read their first pick i think he was in the third round a lot of people talking about him as a potential first round pick i never really saw just read as a first round pick but i think right where they got him eight it is pretty good value a guy that his number one trait is his versatility he wore so many hats for stanford a guy that can play d pecan played close to the box he plays spent a lot of time in the slot so i think that'll give romeo cornell a lot of versatility there the ability to use him in a lot of different ways you worry about his ability to transition as a single high player he didn't really do it all that much we've talked about that the past guys that wore a lot of hats and we're used in so many different ways that's great you like that versatility but that means that there is almost like a guy that wasn't a master of any one place and that's going to be the thing is if he's going to play solely as a single high player.

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