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From the call most of all one thank you for being here thank you for let me be your geek your tech guy Leo laporte last segment of the weekend we got the back next weekend I don't have to go to CVS this week so be rested although you know there is some stuff coming up February eleventh Sam sung says they're gonna introduce the new Samsung galaxy S. phones we will say that the S. twenty won't be the S. what would be the S. twelve the US eleven again I've lost count maybe the S. twenty then I saw another name somebody else said no no it's going to be the twenty twenty I don't know we'll see new Sampson galaxy S. phones February eleventh and maybe a new folding phone a flip folding phone from Sampson so that's coming up let's see here hi I want to go to line three because that's huge in Savannah Georgia hello Hugh Hey thanks for taking my call my pleasure thanks for calling I'll try to make this quick I have a first cousin who's out in early eighties are I'm in my early seventies up and she had a stroke a couple years ago and fortunately a lot of work short term memory was up on and she had purchased some records from your apple watch you use one of those were it was downloaded with a at W. may follow but without DRM encoding yeah we yeah we have looked and looked and looked and we cannot find it on her computer I have a buddy whose real quick as with Lennox and we were able to get the password to get into the computer but we can't get into a folder is there something that will play that saw it least so yeah yeah W. M. A. by the ways from windows or windows media files so she bought it probably from Microsoft groove or one of the Microsoft music stores my body from another one but removing it is not a challenge as you might expect with most D. R. M. this was called digital rights management I call a copy protection most of the R. M. has been cracked and can be removed without a whole lot of trouble you just have to find a program to do it the one that I use is called the R. M. media converter A. R. M. media converter but if you search for remove DRM from WMA files you'll find a lot of these and this is why I hate copy protection by the way she bought these awhile ago because everybody stopped doing it because they realize it was no good the only people who are at all you know slow down by a copy protection is honest people like you crooks know how to get rid of it it's easy so so now guess what you you have to learn the tools of the trade you have to learn how to crack copy protection good job what you can't do a lot of things because she is somewhat hampered that yes you want your music Walter music music has charms to soothe the savage art and that and I think her music very often special people with memory issues can bring back just a flood of memories and it's just a wonderful thing so I think you're I think you're absolutely on the right track you we are in a media converter or your search for DRM removal yeah once you know that that that is what's called the R. M. it's easy to find something to remove DRM from WMA files but the R. M. media converter is not free but it's a it's I think thirty five Bucks there are there are free tools out there as well so there's lots of lots of ways to do this thanks very much my pleasure yeah you're you're taking good care your sis take care here I appreciate your music of course it's are on the soundtrack of our lives like like others like senses like smellin and but hearing.

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